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Amazing Fitness Regimes of Our Favourite Avengers

The amazing fitness regimes of our favorite Avengers have been revealed. Turns out, they are our true superheroes after all. Find out how fit our stars are.



The superstars in the team of Avengers have amazed us on the silver screen with their phenomenal superhuman powers so much that super fans of the MCU worship the very ground they walk on. This is nothing less than true love and adoration. But what really goes on behind the scenes?

The kind of dexterity, durability, stiffness, strength, that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes show on screen is just because of spending long hours in the gymnasium, doing vigorous workouts. They shed a lot of tears, blood, and sweat, quite literally. Stars famous on Instagram like Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel give major fitness goals. Their dedication to health and fitness is really motivating.  No spoilers here! We promise.

Thor-God of thunder / Chris Hemsworth

Thor, the God of Thunder, would not be able to pick up Mjolnir (his hammer) had it not been for his superhuman strength. Chris trains like a fanatic, a maniac to look the way he does on the silver screen. His workout regimen is demanding & extremely rigorous. It involves circuit-based cardio along with intense weight training.

Chris loves to do weight training and does various exercises to tone up his muscles. Some of the major exercises he performs are weighted squats, bicep curls, skull crushers, and weighted burpees, among other arm and thigh building exercises.

According to reports, Hemsworth trains all days in a week for almost two hours daily. To play an impressive and solid character like Thor, he requires agility and muscle strength. A part of his exercise routine is majorly inspired by CrossFit.

A lot of Chris’s workout is also centered around “Mjolnir” or “The Grinder”. Fitness training with the hammer is extremely extensive. It focuses mainly on the upper body portion. Exercises using “The Grinder” comprise of sideways chop, squats, double-handed shovel, and overhead strike squat to name a few. He also makes kick-boxing a prominent part of his routine to maintain the amazing physique of “God of Thunder”.

As far as the diet is concerned, Hemsworth eats almost 6 times a day! When he tries to bulk up, his diet is largely protein, both plant, and animal.

Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff / Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow’s schedule has consisted of rigorous and intense training. She follows a strict diet with a tough workout regime. According to reports, Scarlett’s workouts include a combination of Yoga, kettlebells, gymnastics, plyometric movements, and Olympic weight lifting.

She mainly focuses on carb cycling for her diet. She maintains (in her routine) a low-fat intake and high carbohydrate diet and vice versa while maintaining a healthy protein diet.

Check out Scarlett Johansson’s fitness routine and diet plan in detail here!

Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers / Brie Larson

Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel is a fitness freak. She loves to test her body at an extreme level. She is indeed a superhuman if her video on Instagram of pushing a 5,000-pound jeep is anything to go by. Brie’s amazingly and perfectly toned arms along with her athletic body can only be accredited to her extensive complete body workout.

According to Hollywood reports, Brie has been anything but basic when it comes to her fitness routines. Ranging from simple squats to push-ups and weighted lunges to rock-climbing, she likes to keep things simple yet interesting even in the fitness center.

Weighted push-ups are an excellent way of working your core. For the type of role that Brie plays, it is quite imperative to have agility, durability, and strength within. Weighted ball throws, push-ups, and heavy hip thrusts are seriously an exceptional way to work on your core and make it super strong.

Captain Marvel also focuses on the strong physique, building muscle strength with solid bones and making sure that her limbs are getting the movement they need. That why she worked harder on the lower body. Weighted lunges are the best way to work on both your legs and arms simultaneously.

Another thing that keeps her fit as well as entertained at the same time is Rock Climbing.  Rock-climbing not just helps her maintain upper body strength but is also a way to keep mind sharp and quick. You can see her showing her inner Spiderman in her Instagram post.

Captain America / Steve Rogers / Chris Evans

The secret behind Chris Evans ripped physique is not just the “Super Soldier Serum” which was injected to him in his first movie, but also extensive amounts the exercises he does for muscle building. For the naturally lean Chris, to bulk up was a huge task. But there is nothing Captain America can’t handle.

According to reports, while preparing for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, Steve Rogers (screen name) placed special emphasis on the muscle training and used to take up 2 muscle groups daily and work thoroughly on those groups. His cooling down regimen was mainly working on his core. Push-ups, Squats, chin-ups, deadlifts, and dumbbells were a common part of his routine.

In terms of diet, our very own Containerise had to step his game up and bulk-up on carbs and proteins, going to the extent of having quite a few meals per day.

The Badass Thanos / Josh Brolin

When you will see Josh doing a rigorous workout in the gym, you can only have respect and admiration for his training schedule. Because just let it take effect on you; he trains twice a day six days a week. That is twelve times a week. So, while most men lie proudly on the couch when they reach that number in the month, Brolin is already working on his next session.

He follows the regimen of two workout sessions per day. His trainer, Justin Lovato, has drawn up a schedule consisting of a combination of mobility, fitness building, and strength training. He follows the diet of high nutrition that includes proteins and carbs.


There you have it! Attaining the physique like your favorite Avenger merely comes down to first, identifying where you are starting from, what your favorite actor/actress physique class is, and finally, choose your nutrition plan for effective fat loss or lean muscle building.

And most importantly, make certain you’re enjoying your journey to your favorite superhero physique. If you can’t live and enjoy the pleasures of life, then what’s the point of looking like a superhero?

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Avenger Scarlett Johansson’s Fitness Secret

Avenger Scarlett Johansson’s fitness secret is revealed. Find out how she stays so fit and perfect. She is definitely a major reason for the MCU’s Success.



Avengers Endgame is everything a Marvel needed. Without posting spoilers, we can say that almost all the characters got the endings they deserved (some of them bittersweet). But “a part of a journey is the end”, isn’t it?

Avengers: Endgame has reached a full week in theatres all across the globe and is gaining insane success, both critically and at the box office. The Russo Brothers made sure to give enough screen time to the founding Avengers. This includes Agent Romanoff AKA Black Widow. The actress playing BW, Scarlett Johansson is no less than a real-life superhero. Her personality, body, fitness, and physique make us believe that no one other than Johansson could have portrayed the role of Black Widow over the course of more than 10 years.

Recently, Johansson and her trainer Eric Johnson spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the physical journey of the actress for her role. Scarlett went so far as to say that “the gift of fitness is one of the best parts about working for Marvel”.

Scarlett 34, a mother of a beautiful daughter said that she went to the gym before taking up the role of Black Widow. However, she admitted, “I am stronger and more capable now than I was 10 years ago, which is so awesome to be able to say”.

Moving to her workout routine, her trainer incorporated the following exercises:

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Gymnastics

  • Hot Yoga

  • Fight training

  • SLT Pilates

Scarlett does not like traditional cardio so she switched to

  • Sprint work

  • Battle Ropes

  • Kettlebells

Scarlett says that she likes doing exercises that make her look pretty, elegant, and strong at the same time.

Her trainer said that since they were trying to bring a crazy comic book heroine in reality with someone who is just a normal human being, they had to adapt many unconventional exercises too.

The duo set up specific milestones every twelve weeks like

  • Pull up series

  • Single-leg pistol squats

  • 245-pound deadlift

  • Push-ups with a 45-pound plate on Scarlett’s back.

In addition to an extensive workout, diet plays an important part in Scarlett’s fitness. She follows a very disciplined and strict diet plan for weight loss and fitness with intermitting fasting. Her diet for bodybuilding includes a lot of protein and almost nothing fun. She makes sure that there’s at least 12 hours gap between her dinner and breakfast.

You can also have Scarlett’s body and fitness if you drink the best drinks for weight loss. For an affordable trainer, you can be your own trainer with the help of videos available on the internet. You can also buy the best gym machines for home.

Scarlett says that if handsome money keeps coming her way, she might produce a solo Black Widow movie of her own in phase 4 of the MCU someday.

A fan can hope!

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How To Stay Fit Like The Jonas Brothers

Find out how to stay fit like the Jonas brothers. The J-Bros is definitely in trends now. Our Teenage heartthrobs have turned into muscular married men.



Image Credits: Celebrity Inside

Most of us grew up watching Disney shows like ‘Jonas’ and movies like ‘camp rock’ and when we watched them, we sure did admire the cute teen boys who were no less than a heartthrob for teen girls during that time. Recently our dear Nick Jonas got married to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra well that’s two out of three now, feel old yet? Apart from marriages and music albums, the one thing that kept the Jonas brothers in news is their mind-boggling transformation from cute teens to amiably ripped adults. Jonas brothers’ bodies are a lot like their career: It just keeps getting better. no one could have predicted it back in the day but this trio has surprised everyone with their alluring transformation. It is quite clearly visible in their photo shoots and Instagram pictures that they pay major attention to health and fitness and maybe that is the reason why they got so jacked up.

So do you want to be just as muscular as them? well, you are just running in luck then because we have got for you the Jonas brothers fitness routine. Here not only you will get to know their daily fitness workout but you will also get to know how they prepare their body before a show or shoot.

You can check out the workout routines of other celebrities here!

  • Nick Jonas

Before you envy Nick’s insanely fine body, you must know that it doesn’t come easily. For Nick, there’s never time for halt and error in the gym—he needs a neat, fail-safe routine. According to him, Cookie-cutter workouts do not build Hollywood-worthy physiques but smart, calculated, efficient routines do. Due to the work and travel needs of a megastar, whatever time there is requires to be maxed to the fullest. This inclusive strategy will put on muscle, break plateaus, and build complete strength.

Nick works out for six days a week and his regimen involves working out strongly on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, performing an active recovery with stretching and massage on Wednesday and Saturday, and then finally taking a day off on Sunday. On the intense workout days, Jonas begins with hip openers followed by dynamic warm-up drills. then, he does a performance workout, which for Jonas is fixated on bulking up his different muscle groups. Nick’s workout is bodybuilder-based, so he takes one or two body parts and crushes them per day instead of full body workout. On arm days, Jonas’ trainers push him to his limits.

When it comes to abs, Nick’s trainer and his team rotate between 80 different core exercises to ensure all of the muscles get evenly toned. Want a Jonas-like six-pack? According to his trainer, some of the most effective ab exercises are flutter kicks, bicycle kicks and doing sit-ups followed by punches with your legs wrapped around a punching bag.

Here are the Best Weight Loss Drinks for you!

Jonas’s workout session ends with recovery using the most updated equipment In addition to his intense fitness program, Jonas sticks to a high-protein diet as according to Nick eating healthy is just as important as physical activity to have a perfect body.

  • Joe Jonas

The good thing about Joe Jonas is that he follows an exercise routine because the singer seemingly eats whatever he wants. He is known to refill himself after a gym session with Gatorade and Luna bars. Another favorite cuisine of his consists of chicken cutlets with mayo, barbecued chicken pizza, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream. That is a heck lot of processed food, restaurant food, and fast food for a self-proclaimed gym addict. Though, sometimes Joe Jonas consumes healthier choices while on the go, such as a protein bar or cold-pressed green juice. He says he longs to eat healthily but also thinks balance is necessary, especially if he’s in a city that’s famous for a particular food or a great restaurant. For instance, if he is in New York City, he’ll order meunière, a delicious dish with brook trout, dried apricots, and sesame. Therefore it is quite evident that Joe likes to blend his workout routine and diet with frequent cheat meals.

Find the best arm muscle building exercises for men and women!

Image Credits: weheartit
  • Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas, unlike his other two brothers, is not a very huge fan of getting all jacked up and working out for extensive hours but he still somehow maintains to look flawless with his exercise and diet routine. I bet he is the lucky one.

Check out the Top 10 exercises for arms and thighs here!

We can conclude that out of the three, Nick Jonas is most concerned about his physique and he is also the one to spend the most hours in the gym.

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How to Stay Fit like Tom Hardy?

For an actor, it is as important to get the perfect body for a character as is the dialogues, body language, and get up. Find out how Tom Hardy stays fit and gets in the shape of his iconic characters.



Image Credits: Google

Who doesn’t like to watch Hollywood movies? And, when we talk about Hollywood movies, films like the Revenant and Inception are always on the list. Well, surely one reason to like them is Leonardo Di Caprio but the other reason is undeniably Tom Hardy. No one can resist noticing his ripped body and perfectly shaped jawline. Sounds hot, isn’t it? This ravishing actor is more than 40 year and still look better than most of the youngsters. Tom Hardy is a marvellous English actor,  best known for his roles in movies like Warrior and The Dark Knight Rises, where he had to pump up and put on some serious muscle.
Tom Hardy had a time span of fewer than six months to transform his body for each of his roles. Because of the short time mount, the Tom Hardy-workout consists of seven-day routines, which allow him to gain up to twenty-eight pounds of muscle, boosting his body weight to 198 pounds in 3 months.

Tom hardy’s diet and workout routines:
The celebrity workouts and diets change from movie to movie depending upon the demand of the role. Although, there is a whole different type of diet plan and workout schedule during vacations or when he is free but he mostly goes with his work diet.

It is acknowledged that the actor bulked up for his role in Bronson where he played a tarnished prisoner. With his connotation in most action films, it was somehow needful for him to stay physically ripped and bulky muscled. On one hand, it is quite evident that Tom takes his upper body workout routine very seriously. And on the other, it is also necessary to note that he also maintains a healthy diet plan to manage his weight and to bring only healthy food into his system. According to a source, for his role in Warrior, the actor followed a dietary regime consisting of five to six meals of lean protein daily. This means that according to this new diet, he would consume lots of chicken and veggies only, most of the time. This diet assisted his body to gain the nutrients it required to build new muscles. This also averted his body from collecting fat. For The Dark Knight Rises, he wasn’t required to look so huge. Thus, he altered his diet by drinking lots of milk and protein shakes. His trainer also recommended he add rice into his diet plan. Tom, being a human being many times craves on other food such as ice cream; therefore, offers himself a cheat meal once in a while.
Workout regime-:
Alike his diet plan Tom’s workout regime also changes from movie to movie. In some movies, he needs to appear as ripped as possible, whereas, in others, his muscle display doesn’t really matter. Find out the top 10 exercises for arms and thighs for yourself.

Actor’s workout routine for movie warrior was as follows-:
In Warrior, he played the role of a mixed martial artist with very less body fat, who had spent most of his life in the ring. However, in reality, Tom had never entered the ring. This implied that not only did he need to train like a freak to look the like a mixed-martial artist, but he also actually had to train as a mixed martial artist. This meant up to 8 hours of training per day in a week without any skip day for up to 10 weeks. Tom Hardy was trained by top celebrity fitness trainers for his movies and special roles.

His extreme workout regime includes-:

· Boxing- 2 hours a day
· Kickboxing and Muay Thai- Two hours
· Two hours of Choreography daily
· Two hours of Heavyweight Lifting

Celebrity workout secret-:
The only secret of Tom Hardy’s ripped body is his determination and hard work.

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