Foods that will help you stay fit

Foods that will help you stay fit

No matter how beautiful that pizza looks, you need to take control of your desire to grab a bite. Eating healthy does not only changes your outer appearance but also cleanses your body from the inside and therefore, makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

But you probably already know that. That's why you are reading this and taking a step towards a healthier life. And making this decision is the very beginning. Now you need to realize that being fit is not equal to starving. You just need a balanced diet with all the nutrients, neither less nor more.

Because if you're gorging yourself on apples, bananas, and salads made with iceberg lettuce, you may be eating healthy-but you're not eating smart. It’s not just about eating everything healthy but also everything in a right quantity. You should intake every nutrient in a right proportion as well. We are providing you a list of various healthy foods that will help you stay fit.

  1. Fruits

Bananas are the ideal fitness food: compact and jam-packed with nutrients. Think twice before you put the peel into the trash. Nutritionists discovered the peel is not only filled with more potassium, but mood- enhancer serotonin and eye-protecting lutein, as well. Next time try the entire banana – including the peel in a smoothie.

Blueberries received their 'super food' status a few years back, and this is because of their high level of free-radical-beating antioxidants. Free radicals are considered to move around your body harming cells, causing infections, and triggering symptoms of early aging. Berries are often having lesser calories as compared to other fruits.


All nuts are filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber, but Brazil nuts are one of the few excellent sources of selenium, a mineral and micronutrient which helps to uphold a strong immune system and can assist you defend against heart disease and cancers. The healthy and good fats in nuts help to decrease bad cholesterol levels, but be cautious: they can be high in calories if you snack a lot.

High in natural sugars, dried fruits (such as apricots, almonds and raisins) offer a concentrated supply of carbohydrate, making them a great power booster. You'll also get a dose of fiber, potassium, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals with every mouthful.

  3. Veggies

Tomatoes hold a great antioxidant called lycopene, which grants the fruit its lovely-red tint. Lycopene has been making headlines for a few years now as a powerful nutrient to assist in preventing prostate cancer in men.

  4.Sea Foods/ Non – Vegetarian Foods

Salmon is a very good source of Omega 3, a fatty acid that's supposed to maintain your heart fit and hold back the effects of memory loss. Protein- filled salmon is a great option, as well as eggs and lean meats. Mollusks are one of the most nutrient-dense of all the sea foods.

Chicken, meat and steak on the other hand hold lots of iron which is advantageous for one and all to uphold their hemoglobin count and body endurance.

Its time to follow your diet and gift yourself a body that is both beautiful on the outside as well as inside. 

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