The Importance of Fitness

The Importance of Fitness

The internet, magazines, newspaper articles, and television programs are flooded with the word 'fitness'. Every now and then we can read, hear or watch something or the other related to fitness. Many people work towards getting fitter and many others involve themselves into physical activities just because they follow a fashion. Is it not a good idea to just sit for a few minutes and contemplate the importance of fitness? Why is it important to stay fit?

Fitness does not relate to a model-like body only. A healthy man has to be- physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally fit. A human being has to perform innumerable tasks in his life. He has to play many different roles in life. All this cannot be done unless he is fit and healthy. It is often observed, mostly in women, that once they get married and have babies, they stop taking care of themselves. Ladies become so involved in the family matters that they don't get, rather take out, time to pamper themselves. In fact, almost all the people who have a busy life tend to stop taking care of themselves after a certain point of time. Let's understand the importance of fitness in some plain and simple words:-

1. A calm mind and mental state: There is an age old saying," a healthy mind leads to a healthy body". Is there anyone who can deny this statement? Possibly none. Our brain controls our body. If we have a healthy and clear mind, we can do wonders. Mental fitness is important for a person to lead a normal happy life. No matter how much built and tough your body is, unless and until you don't have a sound mind you can't bring the best out of you. There are various mental fitness games and tests that we should carry out frequently so that we recharge our brain . Also, proper food intake helps a lot in mental fitness.

2. Healthy body: Who doesn't crave for a Chris Evans body? However, let's make it clear for once and forever that six packs and heavy biceps and triceps are just a part of being fit. It does not define fitness completely. To be ideal, you have to be fit with the mind and strong with the body. You may not be very muscular but it does not mean that you are unfit. Every person has a different built. You need to identify your work towards becoming healthy. A healthy body is a blessing.

3. Disease-free life: Well, that's the major reason for staying fit. Fitness scares away diseases. If you want to live without any disease and visits to the doctor, you should try to inculcate all the good things in you and lead a fit life. If you are fit you can push away grave diseases like cancer, diabetes etc. Fitness is directly related to a healthy and active life and good food, so, if you tend to live a fit life you will automatically save yourself from the diseases.

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