Tips to keep excess body weight at bay

Tips to keep excess body weight at bay

Losing weight and then regaining is a continuous cycle which keeps on paddling at every six months. Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to compose the sufficient motivation. It is to be taken care of that you are responsible for inculcating sufficient motivation for yourself, for that you need to find the probable sources for the same. Weight loss is no magic trick and maintaining the weight once lost is another big challenge. You need hours of practice over months on a continuous basis to achieve your fitness level. There are a few strategies and tips which can be followed to find the sufficient motivation for working efficiently every day.

Start your day with a banana

Bananas are a rich source of Potassium and Magnesium; these minerals provide sufficient energy to push up your metabolic rate in the morning hours which was slowed down by the sleep. A single banana is sufficient to provide all the energy you need for that morning walk, jog or gymnasium. Banana has a high fibre content which stimulates the motion in your colon muscles.

Do not underestimate the power of a few minutes

If you have 10 minutes or even 5 minutes to spare at any time of the day, then you are very lucky. Now be wise by utilising these minutes in order to burn some calories. A five-minute combination of push-up, jumping jacks and dumbbells will help you improvise and increase your metabolic rate by almost thirty percent. Once the metabolic rate shoots up you have plenty of calories to burn and utilise while figuring out your on-job tasks or household daily chores. Even taking a brisk walk around your house every hour drastically shoots up your metabolism.

Say no to meal gap

Be extremely careful of the meal gaps. If you wake up early in the morning at around six or seven and grab a banana or a miniature meal, then at around ten o’clock in the morning you must eat your breakfast. At around noon the lunch must be expected. After that keep filling your belly at every two or three-hour break. Try choosing healthy options like yoghurt or smoothies with strawberries, these options will keep you feeling full and will help subside the excessive snack cravings. The body, in turn, behaves as if there is a permanent and sufficient energy supply coming, so the metabolic rates are at increased levels. 

Learn a new sport

If you start learning a new sport like Lawn Tennis, Cycling, Badminton, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Zumba, Aerobics, Tai-chi etc. there are so many options available, then it will keep you interested since, learning a new skill adds to your wisdom, experience and keeps you engaged. It helps you continuing with your daily regime as everyday there is something new to learn, a new challenge to face and think of the ways of resolving it.

Snack mindfully after dark

There are certain food supplies which are rich in which can actually help you settle down to sleep. Food rich in carb can shoot up the blood sugar levels at a very high rate and thus can induce sleep very fast. It is very important to at least take seven hours of sleep. Enough and efficient body relaxation is very important in order to keep pace with the basal metabolic activity.

Act smart with nap

The mid-day nap is very alluring for each one of us. You have to be careful not to fall prey to it. Sleeping for long hours can disrupt your night sleep. You have to be extremely careful in order to take a short nap which can recharge your batteries. Also, it must be taken care that it shouldn’t exceed more than thirty minutes because it can do more harm than good.

Choose your bedtime story very carefully

It is important to choose a light tranquilising book which makes you feel at ease. If you choose a mysterious story or an interesting fiction which can engage you for long hours, then it would become extremely difficult to sleep. Sleep disruption may cause excessive trouble with the weight issues. It may change your metabolic rate to very great extents.

Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy regime, these are the quintessential requisites to keep the excessive weight away from your body. Along with the external conditions and demands, it is important to listen to your inner voice and body needs. Different body types require different regimes of workout or sleep. Keeping the schedules tight and fixed for meals, exercise and rest will help improvise the body conditions to a very great extent. Maintaining a healthy routine for a long period of time makes it your habit. Once some routine comes into your habit it becomes a part of your day-to-day life and then it requires less effort to maintain it over a long run or throughout life.

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