Reduce excessive Body Weight

Reduce excessive Body Weight

Some people have lean upper bodies and legs but they might have a bulging butt, these butt muscles can be toned and the excessive fat can be removed from the butt with a few exercises. Exercises play a very important role in reducing extra weight and maintaining the fitness levels of the body. The basic idea behind loosing extra weight is to daily burn at least five-hundred calories more than you consume. If you want to lose weight then burn more calories, if you want to gain weight then consume more calories, else if you want to maintain your weight then burn as much calories as you consume daily. Try working on these calculative measures and you will definitely reach the desired weight.

Climb up the stairs

A study performed on a group of women revealed that climbing stairs is a very effective way of losing weight. These women who were undergoing an experiment initially had to climb ninety stairs in one-minute, this exercise was followed for two minutes, once in a day and five times a week. After about eight to nine weeks these women were able to repeat the exercise for five times a day and five days a week. Climbing stairs though appears to be a very simple exercise has its hidden benefits of losing weight and muscle strengthening.

Let’s do some lunges

Lunges appear to be very easy but they are really helpful in toning the rear muscles. Lunges involve in taking the feet apart such that one leg is above and the other is far behind the first leg. Now bend the first leg at ninety degrees and simultaneously bend the rear leg along with the first so that the rear leg rests on the toe and the heal is lifted up. The same exercise is repeated again by exchanging the roles of the legs, once both the legs are bent by taking their turns, this entire workout is counted as one step. Now repeat these lunges for at least twenty times in a day. Lunges help in strengthening butt, thigh and knee muscles.

Side stepping

After climbing up sufficient number of stairs it is time to do some cha-cha-cha. Take one or two stable benches. Now start stepping on the bench sideways and coming back to ground. This exercise increases pressure on the butt muscles, thighs. The side stepping also helps to reduce love handles. Start this exercise with a light pace and increase the pace only when you are confident that you have strengthened your knee muscles, in order to avoid any injury.

Maintaining the chair posture

 Take your legs far apart, so that the legs are below your shoulders. Now stretch your hands outwards to the front and bend your body as if you are trying to sit on a chair. The lower you bend and try to get up from that pose, the more number of calories are burnt as the thigh and butt muscles need to work harder than usual.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks provide a high intensity cardio. Performing jumping jacks help toning the overall body. It is advised to be careful while jumping because it might affect the knees adversely. Hence it is better to train the legs before doing any vigorous exercises. It is also a good practice to land on the toes while you jump because landing on the toes reduces the impact factor.

Go hiking

Hiking gives the similar health benefits as are given by stair climbing. Including rock climbing and hill climbing to your hike will help remove every extra inch of fat in the lower back and butt. This is a natural strenuous exercise which connects you to nature and makes you awe at its diversity and beauty along with removing the extra fat stored in your body.

Rock climbing

Before climbing actual rocks, it is advisable to start with artificial ones. Many gymnasiums provide rock climbing activity as the part of their regime. The rock climbing activity helps in enhancing the problem-solving skills, as every time you have to choose the best possible path to the top. It also burns almost twice the number of calories in the same time as are burnt during stair climbing or other activities. Rock climbing provides full body workout and strain.


Yoga is considered to be more of a relaxing and stretching exercise which is very important for the body. Along with relaxing and stretching, fast paced yoga or power yoga provides the necessary sweat for burning the excessive fat from the body. You may discuss the regime with the trainer before joining the yoga classes.

The ways recommended and mentioned above are really effective in kicking off excessive fat from the body, it is completely your wish to start practising all of these or choosing amongst the afore mentioned techniques.

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