Losing holiday weight

Losing holiday weight

Holidays are a much-awaited event for everyone. Most of the relatives and siblings gather together in order to spend quality time. The essence of love and camaraderie is on hype. The influx of all these emotions is expressed through quantitative eating. Food is everywhere, holidays mean tonnes of food. Since all the celebrations are linked with cooking different types of food, we are generous enough not to let that effort go in vain thereby tasting and relishing all sorts of tastes. Somehow this generosity costs us a tonne from our health store. The waistline starts telling different chocolate stories, also the belly fat comes back with a bang. Harmonising energy and refraining from all the temptations is a tedious task. Hence, most of the people tend to let lose themselves and worry about the calories after the holidays. There are a number of practises which can help reducing holiday fat: -

Drinking water

Start by increasing the water intake. Try combating the cravings with water. As soon as you start feeling hungry, it is wise to drink and make feel full. Water intake can help you subside the unnecessary and unwanted cravings at odd hours. Since, water makes us feel full hence we are less likely to eat in huge amounts. The craving once minimalised by water intake causes comparatively less harm. Water is a great source of energy because our body is 70% water. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body.  Water also helps us to maintain the optimum ph levels in the body therefore it prevents the body from being overly acidic or basic.

Realistic goals

Many times, we are disgusted with ourselves and want quick results for achieving it we tend to set unrealistic goals which are almost impossible to achieve. Not reaching our goals can enhance our disgust and frustration. In order to reach goals, it is important that the goals must be realisable. Unrealistic goals like losing twenty-five pounds in four weeks can never work and these can even leave you wanting to quit the entire weight loss regime.

Count to 10

Whether it is a craving or an anger shot, it is one of the best practises to try and distract oneself by counting to ten. The counting can be done forwards or backwards. The idea is to keep the mind away i.e. try and distract it from the craving. If you somehow manage to successfully manage the craving for ten minutes it is expected that the craving doesn’t lasts any longer than ten minutes. Hence sometimes the baby steps and baby actions work wonders for us.

Eat more often

You do not want to starve yourself to death in order to lose weight, are you? Then there is no point of weight loss! If you do not feel healthy and contented, then everything is vain and waste of time. In order to combat the urgent emotional eat the key is to make yourself feel full. Eat more often at every two hours. Eating at every two hours doesn’t mean that your platter needs to be full while it means that you may fill the meal gaps with juicy, crunchy fruits. The fruits and salads are very good friends with the weight loss regime.

Make weekly resolutions

Baby steps are always better to start with in comparison to just going cold turkey to some plan. Take small steps and measure progress, see if it works for you? Does it show the optimum required results? If the answer is yes, then you may go with it further. Else if you are not satisfied with the plan, you may easily change the plan and start working on a new one. There is always a choice the key is to hit the right note. Until then keep practising till you reach the correct note. A week’s progress is easier to determine and correct. If you keep practising the wrong exercises for a longer period of time then it is difficult to get rid of those practises and habits also, it becomes difficult to change and adapt to the new regime.

Start with 10%

It is advisable that to start with the weight loss journey you just have to start with aiming at only 10% of the entire weight and make sincere efforts to lose only that much. Once you lose 10% weight of the actual number, you may start having a feeling of wellbeing and confidence to keep working towards the same goal for a longer period of time.

Spice it up with salsa

You may use salsa sauce to nourish your burger and thereby your taste buds. It is entirely impossible to survive on dairy, fruits and vegetables. If you put more restrictions on yourself then you are more likely to break free the shackles. Hence once in a moon it is okay to eat burger and the mayonnaise can be replaced with hung curd.

The afore mentioned points if practised over a period of time with regular practise then the results are sure to come out.

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