How to reduce stubborn belly fat?

How to reduce stubborn belly fat?

Having belly fat does not always means that you are unhealthy, some people struggle with reduced metabolic rates. The fat around the waistline is not a result of extra calories but has become a part and parcel of skin. This fat is usually stubborn and takes more than normal time to get off the waistline. There is a quick measure of it, if men have a waistline above forty inches and women have a waistline above thirty-five inches then this would be considered under belly fat. There are a few steps which can help reduce excessive belly fat from the waistline.

Switch to green tea

Green tea is an exceptionally healthy beverage. If you are a tea addict, then gradually switching your normal tea towards green tea will benefit you in the long run. Green tea has many health benefits and organic contents. Green tea does not require adding milk hence it helps reducing stomach acidity caused by consuming normal tea. Adding sugar as a sweetening agent is also an option for green tea, some people relish it bland while others might like to add honey and lemon to their cup of tea.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a new concept in which people try to fast for a few hours and then consume their meal. The best results can be obtained if this is practised during the night hours. After seven in the evening our physical activity declines abruptly so, it is better to practice intermittent fasting during those hours. Starting from evening till the bedtime all the food intake can be reduced to minimal. For dinner only soup or pulse must suffice, this would help the body in utilising the extra belly fat around the waistline.

Make fruit intake a compulsion

Decide a time for fruit intake and stick to it. It can be any fruit which you like. Fruits keep us fresh and charged for the day. Fruits also provide the necessary fibre for improving the digestive activities of the stomach. Fruits are also a very rich source of vitamins and minerals which provide strength to the body. Although fruit intake is a very healthy option but it would be wise to avoid fruit juice as it contains artificial sweetening agents and preservatives which do more harm than good.

Track your food intake

If you have excess fat, then consuming lesser calories than actually required is the key to reducing weight. You have to keep track of your calorie intake with the help of some online tracker or application and thus manage and maintain the lesser calorie consumption. If you consume less calorie than you can actually burn in a day then your body will start utilising the fat stored to carry out the day-to-day activities.


Reducing belly fat requires abs-exercise and leg raising activity. It is said that there is no shortcut to hard labour and in fact it is true. Whatever you do but adding a little exercise to your daily regime can work wonders for you. Exercise has a different impact on our bodies, it tunes our body with the mind and helps curb the negative influx of thoughts. Exercise also helps in releasing endorphins which provoke good feelings. Blood circulation increases and reaches the peak which in turn helps to unravel the blockages in the body.

Exercise has many forms, if you are a beginner you may try cardio, yoga or tai-chi. You may also add strength training to your regime which helps reducing weight with a comparatively fast pace. Swimming is also a good option to learn or practise during summers.

Sleep tight

A sixteen-year research has shown that people who sleep for at least seven hours a day have comparatively less tendency to gain fat whereas people who sleep for five hours or less have a higher tendency to gain weight. Sleep deprivation is a major cause for inculcating belly fat. So, it is recommended that even if you want to reduce weight then you have to get at least seven hours of quality sleep in order to recharge your body.

Minimise fat and carbohydrate intake

Fat and carbohydrate tend to get deposited around the belly. If you have a high carbohydrate diet scheduled for lunch hours, then replace it with high protein diet. Proteins help in increasing the metabolic activity of the body and are comparatively difficult to digest. They keep you feeling full for long hours which will help combat the impulsive eat tendency.

Belly fat does not always mean that you are not fit, you might be fit but you are nurturing a body with a comparatively slower metabolic rate. The idea is to increase the metabolic function of your body with proper diet and exercise. Diet along with abs and leg raising exercise will help to reduce the belly fat if practised over a period of time.

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