If You Really Want To Lose Weight

If You Really Want To Lose Weight

We have often heard from people that if we want to lose weight we have to eat less, eat proper, and perform physical activities. However, have you ever been able to figure out that what does the word 'proper' actually refers too? Most of us haven't. This article is going to describe the 'proper food' and 'physical activities' that are necessary for reducing weight.

1. Gulp in some soup:According to Christine M. Palumbo, a Chicago-based dietitian, broth- based vegetable soups should be consumed just before lunch or dinner so that you curb your food intake and also lower your calorie consumption. Vegetable soup means boiled vegetables,that have almost no calories but will make you feel full. So, you can lessen your appetite and get the and lean stature that you were waiting for since long. Include at least one bowl of soup in your per day diet and see the difference in a few weeks by your own eyes.

2.Have a mixed workout session: For all those who are desperate to lose their weight, plan and perform mixed exercises. You should perform a mix of high and mild intensity cardio training, strength training and muscle relaxing exercises in your one-hour workout session. You can also add yoga or pilates in your workout schedule. This will help your entire body to get busy and relax simultaneously. Also, you will shed inches in a lesser time.

3. Say no to Juice: Well, before you get it wrong let me tell you that we are talking about all the packed 'tetra packed', original, 'from America' juices and not the fresh fruit ones. All the attractively packed juices from huge brands are nothing but a pack full of sugar and preservatives with almost no nutrition value. The sweetness in those juices come from fructose that is one of the reasons of the development of the  visceral adipose tissues that are credited with increasing the belly fat. Therefore, always drink fresh fruit juice and if you are in a hurry, grab a fruit, say, an apple, and go on.

4. Try your hands on Chopsticks:It takes around 22 minutes for your brain to acknowledge the fact that your stomach is full now and you need no more food. Eating with chopsticks instead of forks will require a longer time which means more time for the brain to register that we are full. Eating with forks make us eat more quickly which results in an overloaded stomach. Therefore, try to eat with chopsticks and give up forks. Isn't it nice to learn something new? Also, you can flaunt your new technique of eating in front of your friends.

5. Give your body some rest too: This is something we often forget. When we set on to weight reduction, we take into consideration a lot of hard work, exercises, diet food, shakes, and supplements but we do not care for our rest. Our body is a machine and like any other machine, our body needs rest and time to recharge itself too. You might be surprised but sleeping is as important as dieting or exercising for weight loss. Our hunger hormone, ghrelin, increases when we lack sleep leading to an intake of more calories that are very likely to be consumed from fast foods that are easy to make. On the other hand, while asleep, the fat burning hormone gets an increment. Therefore, proper sleep and rest should also be taken if you want to reduce weight.

Now we know what that 'proper' meant. So, what are you waiting for? Go and work towards weight reduction.

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