Your Forearms Need Only Four Weeks

Your Forearms Need Only Four Weeks

Boys, you all must be working hard and exercising vigorously to get the chiseled six-pack abs. Crunches and Lunges, supplements and fat burners, etc must have been a part of your daily routine. However, as soon as the cold days arrive your hard work goes into hibernation. You have to wear sweaters, coats and a lot of warm clothes and the sculpted abs go undercover. But there is still something that can come to your rescue, that are, your forearms. You can wear a tight fitted shirt or roll up your sleeves to flaunt your heavy and strong forearms.  Forearm is a part of muscles that are in the focus throughout the year. Your ripped forearms can turn heads in shirts as well as in T-shirts. Anyways, let us not forget that forearm is also that part which takes the maximum time to get bigger and toned up . It requires a lot of hard work and strength to get ripped forearms.

Apparently, various exercises and work out tricks are also required for building the muscles of the forearms. Let's go through an unconventional but effective routine that can make your forearms bigger and fuller in just four weeks.

We have given unique names to our exercise techniques. These exercises should be performed along with the daily set of regular exercises. The exercises are divided into various sets and each set should be completed for once before the exercise is to be performed.

1. Heavy Walk

Find out the heaviest pair of dumbbells, hold them in each hand, stand erect, and walk with them in your hands for a certain period of time.

No. of sets: 3

Reps: 20 seconds walk

Rest: 60 seconds only

2. Rubber Band- Finger Extension

Pick a strong rubber band and put it on your fingers (make sure that only the fingers and taken into consideration while placing the rubber band and the palm should be free). Now, stretch your fingers as far as you can and then curl them back. Repeat this step for some time.

No. of sets: 2

Reps: 25-30 per hand

Rest: 5 seconds

3. Curl with Dumbbell

Pick a dumbbell in your hand and sit on a bench or a box. Allow your elbow to rest on your thigh. Let your elbow make a 90 degrees angle with your forearm. Your hand should be dangling off your knee and the palm should be in an upward direction. Let the dumb bell hang down in the beginning. Gradually, curl your wrist up in a way that the palm faces the biceps. Perform this movement slowly and strictly for all sets.

No. of sets: 2

Reps: 20-25

Rest: 5 seconds

4. Ball Roll

Take a tennis ball, baseball or a lacrosse ball. Place it on a plain surface like that of a box or a bench. Rest your forearm on the ball and make sure that the palm of your hand faces the downward direction. Push your forearm, slowly, into the ball. Follow the motion from your wrist to your elbow and then back. Repeat it for several times. Keep on turning your arm so that all the tissues of your hand can get a massage. After finishing one side, turn your arm and repeat the step on the other side.

No. of sets: 2

Reps: Roll of 35 seconds on each side

Rest: 2 seconds

5. Pinch the Dumbbells

For this exercise, you need to use two dumbbells of hexagonal shape. Place them on the floor, vertically. Bend your body and pinch the head of each dumbbell (weight) with your fingers (Remember how you try to palm a basketball). Gradually lift them off the surface. Hold the dumbbells for a certain period of time and then keep them back.

No. of sets: 3

Reps: 20-30 seconds

Rest: 60 seconds

Perform these exercises along with the other hand exercises that you normally do and get the best forearms and muscles.

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