Every Inch Matters

Every Inch Matters

Ever wondered from where does Kim Kardashian get's her perfect booty and curves from? How many of you will be shocked if I say that the answer is 'fat'? Well, fat in the right places can do wonders. The right amount of fat at the right part of the body can transform a person from a 'thin looking creature' to a 'perfectly looking model'. But if the quantity and deposition of fat go wrong, you are in great trouble. Curves are fine but curves colliding with the jiggle tires are a sign that you have a lot of extra fat in your body. Not only will belly fat make you look like wider but will also cause a lot of diseases including some serious heart ailments, diabetes, liver failure, dementia, and depression.

You need not get confused between fat and weight. It is not necessary that extra fat increases your weight as well. To reduce fat you have to reduce inches. Yes! inch loss is the key to fat reduction.

To prevent extra fat and preserve the necessary fat, you need to follow certain rules in life. These rules are written as follows:-

1. Cut that Crap: All the packed and preserved food that you buy from the market and eat happily is a disaster. The packed food items contain a lot of substances that make you fat. Therefore, try to eat freshly prepared items only. You can replace the sugar, processed starch, and alcohol present in the packed foods by coconut oil, butter or olive oil present in the fresh food.

2. Drink Matcha Tea: Although simple green tea is a great option for burning fat from the body, but, matcha green tea is the best option for the task. Matcha Green Tea has EGCG, an antioxidant that boosts levels of CCK, a hunger-quelling hormone, which increases  the rate of fat burn by 15% if taken after a workout.

3. Consume Fatty Acids: Don't be surprised. A special kind of fatty acid called the Omega 3 Fatty Acid helps in burning up the bad cholesterol and fat from the body. Omega 3 Fatty Acids increase lipolysis resulting in the loss of fat. This Fatty Acid is found in hemp seeds, chia, walnuts, and wild salmons.

4. Energize Your Thermogenesis: Thermogenic foods are digested easily and completely by the body. Hence, it helps in burning a lot of fat too. Therefore, go for a diet which is rich in cruciferous vegetables and lean proteins as they are more thermogenic than any other kind of food.

5. Never Forget Hydration: One of the most important things which are usually forgotten by the people is drinking water. Surprisingly, a large number of people accept that they forget to drink water sometimes. Drinking a lot of water has many advantages. If you drink a glass full of water before your meal, you will feel fuller and eat less, which means less calorie intake. Also, all the chemical reactions taking place in the body need water, so it is very important that you drink enough water to regularize your metabolism. Another reason for drinking water is, that water is a calorie- free drink. You can drink a lot of it and still won't get fat.

6. Plan Your Cheat Days: Normally, when you are going for a lunch or dinner with your friends or family you know it beforehand. Therefore, you can plan your diets in such a way that the extra carbs and fats which will be consumed on the cheat day can be balanced and compensated.

If you these simple rules, you may not lose a lot of weight but will reduce enough inches to make you look slim and sexy.

(Girls, you can dream about Nicky Minaj and Kylie Jenner now)

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