Unfriend Your Fat

Unfriend Your Fat

Does your trouser look and feel extra snug? Well if yes, then you are certainly having a bad phase. However, there is something even worse about the thing. When you expand and get fat deposits in the lower portion of your body, that is, the abdomen, you also develop many grave health related problems. The fat is not only affecting your outer appearance but is also creating a trouble for your internal body parts.

The science behind it explains that when such kind of fat, also known as visceral fat, agitates the stress hormones (cortisol and cytokines, an inflammatory substance), the production of insulin in the body is affected. The change in the level of insulin in the body increases the risk of many heart diseases and Type 2 Diabetes. It's time that you'd be done with the hauntings and work towards getting rid of that saggy stomach and belly. 

Move when not Grove

We have had our share of the disappointments caused by the visceral fat but now it's time to decrease your hatred towards it because it has something to like about it too. Visceral fat is the easiest fat to reduce and it can be done easily by aerobics. Any sort of cardio exercise like biking, running, jogging or swimming (any exercise that can increase your heart rate) can help you get rid of the visceral fat. The Duke University conducted a study and found that jogging for 12 miles per week is sufficient to melt the fat deposited around the belly.

Live on Polyunsaturates

Get a simple notion in your mind that saturated fat can form a greater amount of visceral fat in the body than the polyunsaturated fat. A study was conducted on some people in Sweden some time ago in which the subjects consumed an extra 750 calories every day for seven weeks. Some of them consumed the calories through palm oil, which is saturated, and the others consumed sunflower oil, which is polyunsaturated. The people eating palm oil gained more visceral fat and the latter ones gained lesser body fat and greater muscle mass. You can find polyunsaturated fat in fish, nuts, and seeds.


A study performed in 2012 revealed that postmenopausal  women, who practiced yoga for 16 weeks had a remarkable reduction in the visceral fat. If you are not very heavy, even a simple relaxation exercise or deep breathing can help you remove that extra fat and flesh from your lower half. The aim of performing such exercises is reducing the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, which is responsible for increasing the stomach fat.

Sleep Punctually

A study conducted by the Wake Forest University in 2010 stated that a sleep of fewer than six hours a night increases the level of visceral fat in the body. The ideal sleep duration is of eight hours. It is also very important to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. A recent study performed by Brigham Young University states that sleeping and getting up on time decreases the level of body fat. Impunctual and indisciplined sleeping habit causes a disturbance in your internal body clock, which results in the secretion of cortisol, the stress, and fat-storing hormone.

Go For Fibres

Eating fibrous foods like green peas, apples, etc will help you in reducing your body fat. Try to include one big apple and a cup of green peas in your diet every day.

Make your life less complicated and regular. Don't think of any over- the- top method of reducing weight. Just prepare a timetable and live up to it.

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