Be Your Own Trainer at the Gym

Be Your Own Trainer at the Gym

Unable to reduce weight even after long hours of vigorous gymming every day? We have a solution to your confusion!Mrs. Parkis was depressed because of her heavy body and tires. She heard about a new gym nearby and headed towards it at once. It has been a while since she has been working out dedicatedly but the results are far away from her expectations. Well, this is not the case of one Mrs. Parkis. Every man or woman who goes to the gym expects to get in shape in a less and limited time. However, most of them get dejected and disgusted with the slow outcome. Let's find the reasons of this low and slow result.

Everyone who goes to the gym works out with great efforts and hard work. It is not that you are not giving your 100% to exercises but what you really do and how you do it in the gym is what really matters. A majority of the people are unaware of the perfect workout technique and are, thus, unsuccessful in losing weight.

The following steps will help you out in working out in a better and more effective way :-

1. More of aerobic cardio, less of strength: If you want to burn calories, you have to perform a lot of aerobic cardio. Aerobic cardio burns your fat and calories and makes you slim. On the other hand, strength or weight lifting helps you in toning and shaping your muscles that become lose after you shed those extra calories and fat. Therefore, devote 60% of your time at the gym to aerobic cardio and 40% to strength and weight lifting.

2. Work Real: The most important thing to keep in mind during a workout is to work till you shit bricks. You need to perform an exercise, say lunges, till you begin to feel the burning sensation in your thighs. It does not mean that you have to focus on one exercise only , rather, continue the same exercise till you feel worn out and completely exhausted.  When you get that burning sensation in the part of the body that is made to workout, you reach your anaerobic threshold, that is, you have reached your farthest limit of exhausting that particular part. When you reach this stage, you burn calories at a faster rate.

3. Switch muscle groups but not body parts: Another major point to ponder upon is that you should try to focus on one body part at a time. For an instance, go for leg exercises one day and arms and hands the other day. If you are going for leg today you may switch between the various muscle groups.  If you get exhausted doing lunges, switch to squats and then to box jumps.  You can begin with the first set of exercises once again when that muscle gets recharged for some more hard work.  Don't forget that toning and not torturing is your aim at the gym. 

4. Don't cheat at the gym: Don't waste your valuable (read very precious) time at the gym. Bathroom breaks, phone calls, and other reasons are ways by which you cheat yourself. Washroom calls cannot be left unattended so try to cut short the time spent in the toilet. Don't chit- chat with other people on your way or waste time in washing or cleaning your  face unnecessarily. You can set your cell phone on the DND mode or simply switch it off for some time.  Spending time in such activities will waste your time and money. Moreover, it will result in your heart rate getting back to normal. This means that when you will resume your exercises, a lot of time will be utilized in increasing your pulse rates. The burning of calories will take place after that.

Keep these things in mind and you will reduce weight in a very less than expected time.

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