All about Weight Loss

All about Weight Loss

If you are worried because of the extra flesh that keeps hanging from your sides or if you want to get rid of the excessive weight that has made it impossible for you to fit in your old clothes then this is the right place for you. This article tells you about some easy- peasy tricks to shed weight and eliminate tires from the body.

But before that let's understand the basics of Obesity. Obesity is a condition in which a person gains extra weight due to certain medical or non-medical reasons. The extra weight not only troubles the person in leading a normal life but also curtails the natural growth and health of the person.

Obesity can be caused due to unhealthy eating habits, overeating, lack of physical work, medicines like steriods or anti-,depression medicines, diseases like hypothyroidism or Cushing's syndrome or due to inheritance. Whatsoever the reason may be, obesity is always unwelcomed and regretted. Below written are some methods by which you can trim your weight without great fuss.

1.  Enlist your food intake and check your calories: Try to note down the per day calorie intake by you through the various food items you eat throughout the day. For an instance, if you take 600 calories a day try to reduce it to 575 , then 550 and gradually 500 calories per day. If cannot reduce your calories, make sure that you work out and burn the same amount of calories every day.

2. Water should be your only drink: Most of the people are in a habit of drinking soft drinks or cold drinks instead of water when they are out of their houses. These artifical flavoured drinks contain carbonic acid that is very dangerous for te human health. It can weaken your bones and makes you obese and fat. Cut down these drinks competely from your life and you will see that you have automatically reduced a lot of weight. Alcohol is also one such drink that is responsible for weight gain. It makes a person look fluffy and fat but in reality it makes him weak and decreases the metabolism and body balance. Therefore, try not to take alcoholic drinks. Water on the other hand is a calorie- free drink. You can drink gallons of water throughout your life and never become fat.

3. Don't Scrap Dairy Products: Most of the people believe that eating dairy products such as milk, yogurt or cream will increase weight. However, it should be known that dairy products are rich in calcium content and calcium is responsible for persuading the body to lose weight and burn fat at a faster rate. A lot of low fat dairy products, like fat- free yogurt or low- fat cheese, are available in the market. Go for such foods and eat them two to four times a day along with physical activities to lose weight more quickly.

4. Don't Starve: Another important notion that should be kept in mind in order to lose weight is that you should not starve. Most of the people feel that if they skip their breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will lose weight. They are not aware of the fact that on the contrary, they gain weight while doing so. Your metabolism increases during digestion. You should take small meal at regular intervals so that your metabolism is increased and continuous. The metabolism decreases while a person is asleep. So, you should eat less at dinner but your breakfast should be heavy enough to keep you active throughout the day.

Losing weight is not that difficult if you are working in the direction.

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