Melt it away

Melt it away

Have you been toiling very hard in the gymnasium still you are unable to shed that excessively stubborn belly fat? It seems that you are getting extremely agitated since no positive results are in the scene. It is said that where there is a will there is a way so grab your running shoes and get right back on track. It is a matter of perspective as for how you see things if you are watching all this journey as a mere spectator and thinking that weight loss is an extremely slow process and will take years to process all this fat then the following points might help you shift your perspective to one eighty degrees.

Strict diet with salads

As a matter of fact, I would like to bring it to your notice that there are a few people who have claimed to lose thirty kilogrammes in just three months. Yes! it is a fact, No kidding! But they were strictly following a balanced diet which included ‘Only’ Salads. Salads tend to have more roughage in comparison to grains and minimal fat or carbohydrate content. But it must be noted that intake of anything in excess is harmful as it tends to get stored in the body in the form of fat. It can be concluded that balance salad diet with the workout can be combined together to achieve desired results.

Burn that excessive fat with extreme cardio

There is a myth that only vigorous exercises can lead to fat burning. Though they make the process comparatively faster but only cardio done for a longer period of time can burn extra calories kept intact inside you’re your big belly.

You can start with a good warm-up which can include some exercises like jumping jacks and lunges along with stretching after that treadmill for fifteen minutes. It is advisable that machines should be done not more than thirty minutes in one go because the body starts adapting itself to the move and it does not show desired results. Hence, it is better to do interval training i.e. fifteen-to-thirty-minute treadmill after that three sets of leg swinging and leg raising exercises. Once this much is done then you can try your hands on the second machine it may be a cycle or a cross trainer. Again, fifteen to thirty-minute cross trainer would suffice it should be followed by side bend with dumbbells and twister. After these exercises, cycling can be done at a moderate pace for fifteen to thirty minutes and this must be followed by some floor exercises which can include, leg raising, side bend, sit-ups and push-ups.

The aforementioned exercises construct one circuit. For fast results, two or three circuits must be practised in a twenty-four-hour schedule. It must be noticed that one entire circuit requires approximately two or more than two hours hence, exercises must be planned so that there shouldn't be any meal gap in between. Meal gap can ill affect the metabolic rate and thus decrease our chances of reducing weight at a fast pace.

Time management

In today's fast-paced world, time is the quintessential and precious thing. Nobody has time for anything and especially for our own selves we never have time. We are always in a hurry and running out of time like Alice-in-a-wonderland's Mr Rabbit. Since we already are too much stacked and pre-occupied with work and other stuff, it is advisable to manage time. Starting with fifteen minutes in the morning before everyone wakes up three sets of jumping jacks and lunges will give sufficient kick start. If you are a morning gymnasium person then well and good, the instructor himself/herself will guide you in an efficient manner. Else if you are an evening gymnasium person and the instructor leaves the gymnasium before your arrival, then there is a probability that you would like to seek some motivation. You may seek some gymnasium buddies who share the same timings as you. This can help you maintain regularity and extract enough enthusiasm to keep you moving.

Stick to your time

Although in the text mentioned above, the importance of managing time is delineated but if you keep oscillating the time of your arrival and departure to the gymnasium then it is more likely that you will start skipping and gradually quitting gymnasium. Since there is no one to track your daily achievements, nobody recognises you since you are not regular at the same place and this can lead to sufficient demotivation.

If you keep practising to go to the gymnasium at the same hour every day, then people will start recognising and expecting you. They would also get motivated by your regularity to the place. Everyone seeks motivation and you are no different, so it is better that along with keep looking for motivation we must try to be a source of motivation for others too.


The basic idea behind all this debate is to somehow fasten your journey of fat reduction and help you reduce a good amount of fat in comparatively less amount of time. For some people, excessive cardio can work wonders however for others who have been practising since quite a time weight training can be a very important part of their regime. Some people would enjoy preparing for challenges like running marathons while others may be satiated with their yoga practices six days a week. It depends on your body type and metabolic rate. So rather than getting disheartened by listening to other’s success stories and comparing them with your journey you must create a new story of your own journey.

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