Fitness in disguise

Fitness in disguise

Treacherous body

It might have occurred to you that during your weight loss journey when you were following a regular exercise and diet regime then there was no numeric decline in the weight, while, if you skipped the regime for a few days then your weight might have come down drastically. This drastic change brings everything to question and you get motivated to skip exercises being not aware of the actual facts.

What actually happens

The basic reason of this scenario is when you practice exercises regularly then the body starts losing excessive fat and gaining muscle mass, due to which there is no visible numeric count down. On the other hand, when you skip exercising for a few days then muscle mass starts decreasing and body shows that you are losing weight.

Comparing the duo

While comparing the two situations it is concluded that losing muscle mass is not a good option because muscles are responsible for strengthening your body. It is good to bid adieu fat percentage and build muscle mass while being stuck at the same weight than losing muscle weight.

You have to be very careful while dealing with the needs of your body. You might be fascinated by the sudden weight loss but that is a trap do not step into it. You have to regularise your workout regime even if it means weight gain in the form of muscle mass, at the end of the day body strength, is of quintessential importance.

Coming back to pavilion

Coming back to square one is not easy, it takes ounces of strong willpower and hard work. It becomes tougher to follow the old regime because the motivation is lost and the exercise burden is too much. In such a scenario it is important to stay focused and motivated, you have to come out of your comfort zone and at the same time you have to be careful not to push yourself beyond your limits.

Start with a nice warm up and now, instead of going for that 50 sit-ups it will be wise to stop at 25 and see if the strength within you is still alive and the body permits then you may go for 50 sit-ups at a stretch.

Muscle Mass: fitness in disguise

Although muscle mass increases weight but it is a measure of fitness, the more you work out the more your muscles will get strengthened. The strength training is basically focused on building muscle mass. The heavyweights and dumbbells help your body to sustain a few kilogrammes more weight along with your body weight. Proper warm up and stretching are mandatory before doing any strenuous exercises. Your joints, tendons and ligaments are the weak points which might get uprooted during vigorous exercises.

Take the gradual road

Weight loss is a gradual process; it takes time and effort to achieve desired results. Weight loss is not an overnight success story. Even if you somehow manage to reduce weight abruptly by starving and excessive exercises, it would be difficult to sustain that weight for long. The immense cravings and weaknesses will let you give up after a span of time. So, if you want good and sustainable results which are easy to manage and maintain then it is important for you to take the gradual road to weight loss and try to be patient throughout the journey.

Slow and steady wins the race!

In order to achieve success with your weight loss program, it is important to take baby steps and sincerely work on them. Just shift your alarm 15 mins early to your daily routine time by doing that you will not make drastic changes in your biological clock and simultaneously get 15 extra minutes for a slight warm up and cardio. It is advisable to keep changing the workouts type every second day because the body quickly adapts to a particular exercise routine and after a few days it becomes difficult to increase the metabolism in the body. So, the best way to do it is practise warm up with cardio on even dates and warm up with strength training on odd dates, thus giving the body a slight shock therapy and obtaining the desired results.


The basic idea is to act clever with the body so that it does not win over you. You have to take the initiative and work out ways and plans to keep yourself going. Getting up every day in the morning is not an easy thing to do when you can simply extend the sleeping hours and similarly, it is not easy to motivate yourself in order to hit the gymnasium in the evening after a tiresome day at work. Nobody can help you better than yourself for weight loss. Get up and get started every day to meet the brighter side of yourself.

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