Detox while Fast

Detox while Fast

Fasting comes with religious and auspicious ceremonies; some people observe it as a drudgery while others enjoy it! Where lies the difference? The answer is, in the mindset of people. People who seek fast as an opportunity stay away from toxins are on the right track while for the others who find it as a hard boring task let us discuss a few things pertaining to the fast and its utilities.

Trust fruits.         

Make friends with fruits. Trust me! They will be your best friends forever. Choose from the wide variety any fruit you like or any number of fruits you like- apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, grapes, pineapples, strawberries. You have a tonne of colourful options, all rich in something or the other. Some people refrain from bananas and mangoes claiming that they tend to increase the weight and these people end up grabbing a plateful of fried potato snack in the evening? This is not savvy consciousness. You have to be aware of the fact that it is true that some fruits tend to have more sweetening agents in comparison to others but the effect is only visible when it is consumed in huge amounts over a period of time. While, in comparison to the oily, fried and overcooked meal fruits will still be way ahead in providing the health necessities. Fruits are light and juicy they have more water content than any meal, hence they help you increase the metabolic activity of the body and in turn, you tend to feel more energised throughout the day. Moreover, fruits provide roughage which aids the passage of the toxins and waste material out of the body.

Water boost

This is a golden opportunity to give yourself a good water boost. Keeps yourself full with ounces of water, this works as a boon for your body. Water dilutes the excessive acid secretions in the stomach and makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Water is the quintessential ingredient for increasing the body metabolism. It flushes out the toxins frequently hence leaving a healthy and fit body at your expense. There is no sign of bloating or dizziness. It keeps you active both physically and mentally. Giving yourself water boost will the best thing in order to combat the feeling of being hungry, sleepy and empty. Every now and then If you can drink water then you will feel satisfied, active and full of enthusiasm as there will be no bloating hence you would also feel light. Give it a try!

Say yes! To dairy

Dairy products like milk, yoghurt can be a saviour during fast. If you like it well and good if you do not, then try to make friends with dairy because dairy products are rich in protein, therefore, tend to keep you feel full for long hours. Make sure that you consume fat-free products else all the efforts will go in vain. Use double toned milk and fat-free yoghurt. You may also cook and consume some solid cheese on a grill or non-stick cookware without oil.

Relax from cooking

Give yourself a day off from cooking and try to stay natural as much as possible this will help you with the detoxification of the body. In order to make a treat for our taste buds, we often tend to use a lot of ingredients which require more oil to get cooked properly, which in turn hampers our hidden motive of fast i.e. weight loss and increases the calorie consumption.

It is wise to stay away from kitchen and trust fruits, dairy products and water for a few hours.

Decorate and cleanse the aura

Many of us tend to decorate our houses, cleanse all the dirt and buy different sorts of lightings- lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, candles etc. while a few of us have no clue that why do we do it every year? The basic reason behind doing all these tantrums is to set the festive mood and cleansing the outer dirt reminds us of cleansing our inner selves as well. Be it physically or mentally and this state can only be achieved if we feel fit. Feeling fit is very important then only rest of the things can be achieved. Festivals bring with themselves a lot of food item preparations which may not be so healthy for the body, so in order to maintain the balance physical cleaning helps us move our muscles so that when the body is further bombarded with fat rich food can digest it properly without storing it around the belly.


The basic motive behind doing all these things is to stay and feel fit. Everybody has a different body constituency; some might feel energised while the others might not be able to gather the energy to carry out all these routines, so, it is essential to understand your body needs and work accordingly. If fasting is not your cup of tea, then definitely you must refrain from it. Be your own judge and stay fit!

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