Staying fit during festival season

Staying fit during festival season

Two weeks before the arrival of festivals we start fretting over our diet disasters. With all the colour and candle essence we end up pondering hours over the same old issue of weight gain during festivals. In the ancient times, festivals were seen as a gesture of celebration, merriment and being exuberant! But, lately there has been a change in the perception i.e. people are happy that holidays are on their way at the same time everyone has a glitch that the rich food served though very dear to taste buds is going to cost them hours of sweat in the gymnasium. Due to this thought, everyone starts exempting themselves of the grand experience. Even if they consume a little of rich food, the guilt never fades away. All this dilemma leads to unnecessary thoughts and finally a gloomy atmosphere. It is said that where there is a will, there is a way, so, in the case of festivals a few things if taken into consideration, can help you combat all the mundane mulling.


Stairs! are you kidding me? I stay on the 8th floor of my building! Yes, that was an expected gesture from most of us, but instead of taking the lift from the ground floor, we can make an effort to climb up the stairs to the level our body easily permits and the rest of the journey can be covered by lift starting at any other floor. The trick is to cheat your mind in order to stay candid with your heart. You may start this journey by climbing just one floor at a time and gradually with practice, it can be increased. This can help you with those extra sweets stuffed around your belly. During festive season relatives keep coming or you have to buy one thing or another, the last minute shopping, using stairs every time can be very beneficial and it keeps you active at the same time. You may also make it interesting by betting on who will climb the stairs faster or jump off a number of stairs, at the same time you need to be careful of your own and your loved ones' limit. 

Try your hands on cooking

You might be wondering how cooking can let you stay fit! Your mulling is quite genuine but, the point here is, if you cook yourself, you are the in charge of what goes inside your belly and thus you may adjust it accordingly. All the extra oil and sweetening agents can be removed and everything can be easily taken care of without much effort.

Try to shop early and nearby

If you will shop early then you will have more options to choose from and the salesperson will attend you with full focus else, if you keep everything for the last minute then it is very likely that overcrowding will make you tired and you will grab just anything to run away from the insane mob. exploring the shops gives you time and space and you wander the marketplace which helps you increase or keep pace with body metabolism. If you try and explore the nearby markets two-to-three days before the festival, then you may cover the shopping distance on feet, which is good for your health. Let that roar of your vehicle’s engine rest a little while you tread softly and briskly to the nearby marketplace.

Plan some outdoor games

It is not compulsory to invite the guests over snacks or lunch or dinner. You may plan some outdoor event like a badminton tournament or a volleyball match before lunch or dinner, this will be a different kind of fit celebration of the festival. Also, the after match munching will not hurt you that bad.

Shake a leg

A celebration is a merriment, many times we do not feel to be in that zone of dancing and enjoying the moment to the fullest and often tend to escape the parts which involve singing and dancing but if you start counting the consequences of dancing then you might be more than happy to go for it. No matter how you look or how others will regard you nobody is a dance connoisseur at the festive time, just enjoy yourself and throw everything at the moment, it will help releasing endorphins and stabilise the after effect of extra five chocolates you had.

Keep dumbbells handy

This may sound strange but if you place the dumbbells in the washroom or nearby, somewhere close to your visible proximity it is more likely that you would grab them and excuse yourself for that five-minute workout to digest what you have been munching in the living room. Once you go to the washroom nobody sees what you have been doing there, then why not do something that would pay you off in future- health wise.

With the festivities around the corner, we are prone to start planning gifts for our loved ones, let us plan a miniature gift for ourselves and keep a good watch on our habits and behaviours. By just being aware we can prevent a lot of damage. May you stay happy, hearty and blessed!

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