How to treat Obesity and Lose Weight?

How to treat Obesity and Lose Weight?

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks for the people of all age groups. Obesity has poorly affected one- third of the population of the world. The causes of weight loss are many. If you have gained weight because of your habits, you may lose it more easily than those who have gained the same due to genetic effects or some medicines. However, losing weight is not a one day work. You need to dedicate time and it may take many days to become slim and fit. Not only this, once you have lost weight you  need to work hard to maintain it because your body has a tendency to gain weight easily.

There are several reasons that are responsible for obesity and overweight in people. The main reasons are:-

1. Overeating:- Who does not like to eat food? For the sake of our love for food, many a time, we over eat. Overeating not only related to eating junk foods but all kinds of foods. To be precise, anything in excess is bad for health. Even if eat too much of your regular diets, it will result in a few extra pounds in your body.

Therefore, the best way to control your weight is to eat 2 bites less. Also, you should drink lots of water before your meal so that your stomach is already filled and you eat less.

2. Lethargic lifestyle:- Is your bed your best friend? Everyone wants to relax and live an easy life. If you have an office job or a table job you are very likely to spend long and lengthy hours sitting in a single posture. If you are a student and you spend hours studying then you are performing mental labour but no physical activities. With such a lifestyle, it is very obvious that you may suffer from obesity and overweight at some point in your lifespan.

The best way to stay away from this disastrous phase of life is to devote some amount of time to exercises. You can go for jogging or run in the morning or join an evening gym. You can also join some outdoor sport like swimming or football. Even if you give sixty minutes in a day to such activities, you lose a lot of weight gradually.

3. Genetics:- Ever imagined that the Criss- cross DNAs and candy- like chromosomes are the main culprits responsible for your flesh and tyres? Many people are susceptible to putting up weight because of the genes of obesity running in the family blood. Your father, mother, grandparents or anyone else in the family must be the carrier of such genes that are prone to obesity. These genes are passed on by them to you and make you overweight and fat.

Although there is no direct cure for such type of obesity but regular exercise, proper eating habits, healthy and fat- free diet and firm determination can make a person fit. Also, medicines and therapies are recommended to such people who are genetically obese.

4. Diseases and Medicines:- You don't eat much but are you fat? If yes, then it is a clear indication that you are suffering from diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes or Cushing's syndrome. You should immediately go to the doctor and get a medical checkup. An imbalance in the endocrine glands can make a person gain weight.

If you are diagnosed with any of the diseases, the treatment of the disease becomes the priority. It is possible that in the course of treatment of the disease you will naturally lose weight as your disease is treated. You should follow a patterned diet and lifestyle along with proper medications to lose weight.

Follow the tips to treat obesity and also make your old-time-slim-days dress ready for you are going to need it in a few days.

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