Crying Fat is Sweat

Crying Fat is Sweat

The two basic mantras for getting rid of fat- the first method is diet control and the second is a vigorous workout. People who love food cannot always stay on a diet until and unless they have a very strong willpower. Diet control is not only a matter of few days or months, it needs to be continued in the long run. If by diet you have manage to attain a perfect stature and after that, if you resume eating in the same manner you did a year ago, then there are chances that you will go back to the starting point. Diet plan and exercises go hand-in-hand to work perfectly for you. Relying on only one of these options will make you toil real hard. The option two stated above which says that in order to shed those extra pounds it is required to perform a vigorous exercise. Exercising is a good practice, it keeps us upbeat, enthusiastic, lowers the risk of diseases but, exercises are needed to be performed in a proper manner else, they can damage you more rather benefit. Those knee muscles and ankle muscles must be strong enough to bear the excessive thrust applied upon them. If the muscles are not trained well before applying pressure on them, then there is a possibility that this pressure might rupture the tendons and ligaments of these joints. So, it is better to either seek a proper trainer who can guide you to start a workout without causing injury or train and study yourself well enough as a measure of precaution.

Water: the kith and kin of sweat

During the workout, it is likely to sweat. Sweat is a way of removing toxins from the body, body sweats in order to keep the body temperature normal which rises while exercising. Ever wondered how water is related to sweat? Well, both are fluids you may say but, the major similarity between the two is that both help in the release of toxins. It is advised to consume around 10 ounces of water a day to maintain a proper functioning of the body fluids. Water is the greatest remedy even in the case of gallstones. It is advised to maintain the inflow sufficient to flush the stones out of the body.

Trust cardio

It is all about trust because weight loss is not achieved in a day or two, it takes consistent effort over a period of time. It is advisable not to check your weight every day, as this may depress you. Weight checking is directly proportional to the amount of progress achieved, remember the famous saying that Rome was not built in a day, it is a tedious task and requires much effort, steadiness, willingness to pursue it every day. Even if you are able to devote only 20 minutes that would pay off in the long run, all you have to do is to choose your exercises wisely when time is a constraint. Trust cardio-exercises in such cases. Weight lifting can be a good option, it requires a little hand workout and you are ready to lift weights. If you are new to this exercise start with dumbbells, using dumbbells while stretching is a very good option, this requires more effort and therefore helps in burning more calories than the routine workout.

Even a twenty-minute workout can be equated equivalent to your daily sixty-minute workout if done carefully. It is all about quality of the time spent not the quantity of time spent during the workout. If you keep on pushing the floor an entire day to shift it a little it wouldn't make any difference. On the contrary, if you start using the floor for your push-ups then maybe in a month you can start realising that the biceps and triceps have started to build. It is expected that you would want to quit doing these cardio and strength training exercises as they cause pain and fatigue due to building new muscles and training the old ones. This is also one of the reasons that it is advised not to weigh yourself every day because the muscle-mass increase is the reason why the scale keeps on showing the same weight over-and-over again.

Have faith in yourself and be honest with yourself on this weight loss journey, your efforts will definitely pay off one day. We wish you luck!

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