What’s your excuse for being unfit?

What’s your excuse for being unfit?

We all are surrounded by so many daily issues! Every day there is a new challenge, the cause may be work, home, neighbour, baby, health anything. We all are busy dealing with these things and hey! Before we even realise the day ends. This has become an everyday drudgery for years over and over again. But, have you ever wondered that some people have a fit body while others are not so fit? You may answer that they do not have to deal with what I have to do, they are blessed, they have all the time and facilities in the world. Maybe, you are right, they might not have to deal with what have been dealing with months, but frankly everyone has their share of problems, no one is fully satisfied. If it were the case that fit people were fully satisfied with their lives, then they would just sit idle and do nothing. There is no possibility of growth if you reach perfection. Let us try and discuss few of your excuses and see if we can make it go any better?

No park nearby?

You want to run amidst the greenery and there is no park nearby, sad eh? Igniting the engine every day and travelling a few miles is not your thing. You’ve tried giving it a shot but this routine could not last longer than a few days.

What you can do is, arrange a few pots and plants for your balcony if you stay upstairs or for your living room or maybe your room if you are sharing flat, water and nurture them every day, this may give you a sense well-being. Now, hop on your favourite track pants and shoes, start with warm up and jog amidst your tiny green little friends. Though it is not what you wanted to do but if you try doing this trust me! It will make you feel so good about yourself as you have conquered a major hurdle of your fitness journey.

Have a baby?

Did you just encounter the greatest gift of your life? Being a woman and having a baby changes your life completely. It is a part and parcel of your life whom you adore to the core but at the same time, it has stopped you from pursuing your girly desires. Every time you think of leaving him/ her with a babysitter, you are unable to focus anywhere else and it makes you so worried and mad at the same time.

In that case, connect your TV to the internet and turn on the fitness workout video which is smallest in the duration and states it is for beginners. You may have been working out a lot before pregnancy but your body has changed now and it needs time to reinstate that pace. Baby can by the time crawl on the mat or walker keeping you away from the stress related to his/ her wellbeing.

Cannot pay for gymnasium? 

In the past 3-4 decades fitness has been a major cause of concern, everyone is trying to stay fit and due to this gymnasium is earning a hell of a profit. More than a fitness hub it has become a business and they are detailing out the ridiculous plans to reduce weight within an extremely short period of time. It is true that glamour attracts a lot of attention, but if you are unable to pay for gymnasium then treat it as a blessing in disguise.

Download or stream online the workout videos and start practising. Initially, you would not be able to match up to their pace but gradually it would not require much effort.

Love food?

Oh! Dear everyone loves food. You are no different than us. We have been brought up in this way, where food is the primary source of celebration and coming out of depression. It is not at all bad to like food, actually, it is good because it is said that you are what you eat and you must choose very carefully the quintessential part of your survival and the love of your life.

Actually, it would be a fun thing to do if you dare to go beyond your cravings. Every day just keep a watch on what you are eating and mindfully try to reduce and read just the rich fat and carbohydrates. You may also try substituting them with food rich in proteins, this way you may curtail the fat portions.


There can be endless issues in your life for that we fully empathise but, you got to overcome this else it will continue happening what has always happened. There is no end to it, if you want a change in your life you have to mindfully decide and work on it, there is no magic wand which once used can turn you from fat to thin. Decide now!

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