Weight loss diet plans for O and A group

Weight loss diet plans for O and A group

Achieving an optimum weight and then maintaining it is the major cause of concern for people in today’s world. People of all age groups are struggling with the weight loss techniques, making every possible effort to cover all the possibilities and probabilities just to make their dream come true!

With gradual mindfulness and experience, it is obvious that weight loss is a technique which encompasses a mixture of diet and workout. The two are complementary to each other, without the one, the other alone cannot provide the desired results.

Jogging for ten miles or hitting the gymnasium for two hours in the morning and then devouring mac and cheese for the breakfast would never ever help you reach your destination. Motivation, proper planning, calorie check, water intake are the essentials when practised daily can show some results. Adding on to the above methodologies, there is one more aspect which can be brought into consideration i.e. diet according to our blood groups.

What people with O group can do?

Are you a non-vegetarian? If yes, then celebrate you have the most favourable blood type i.e. O which insists on engulfing rich proteinaceous diet. Pack your belly with lean meat. Best sources of lean meat are beef, mutton, lamb, cold- water fish but, avoid eating bacon, ham, pork, goose as it can lead to insulin malfunctioning. Seafood is also good for blood type O, as seafood has a high amount of iodine which helps stabilising the thyroid in O blood types.

Even if you are a vegetarian with O blood type, mother nature has spared you to savour many options. Vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, turnip, onion, garlic, lettuce are good options. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K which is responsible for blood clotting. Blood group O misses many clotting essentials which can be supplicated with the above-mentioned veggies.

Veggies like mustard green, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts must be avoided in order to maintain optimum thyroxine secretions. Intake of eggplant and potatoes must be avoided as this can lead to arthritis. Also, corn is a big No No because it malfunctions the insulin secretion which in turn may cause obesity and if not controlled it may end up causing diabetes.

One more important prohibition is on wheat and wheat product intake which is difficult to digest for this blood type. Wheat products interfere with the metabolic function of this blood type and can cause inflammation on intestine linings. Practising vigorous exercises at least 4-5 days a week can help lowering down the stress levels and stay fit.

What people with A group can do?

People with the blood group A rejoice! if you love munching grains. People with blood type A should basically rely on agrarian produce. In order to support their weak immune system, it is very important for them to have a diet which includes pure vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Poultry, meat, chicken, eggs are difficult to digest for the blood type A. Since, people with blood type A are believed to have comparatively low stomach acid levels hence, digesting food rich in proteins is very difficult for them.

Due to the weak immune system, these people are predisposed to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, maintaining some balanced diet rich in grains and fibre and curtailing the high proteins as much as they can help the blood type A people stay healthy and fit.

People with blood type A have different requirements for maintaining optimum metabolic levels in comparison to people with blood type O who required extensive workouts. Contrary to that, people with blood type O, people with blood type A may practice meditation and Taichi to combat their stress levels and stay fit and healthy.

Mixed emotions

Although blood type dietary plans give justified reasons but, there is no scientific proof which supports the blood type diet. It is impossible for O group people to completely curtail dairy products and grains and only rely on meat because there are some essential carbohydrates which are required to drive the day-to-day activity in one's life. Similarly, if people with blood type A are fond of meat, it is very difficult for them to completely curb the proteins. Also, the muscle mass building requires complex carbohydrates and proteins.

The basic ingredient of this entire debate is to somehow help you reach your goal. All the things are not claimed to be the sure shot, the pinch of individual preferences can be added to every dietary plan or exercise regime aforementioned. All depends on what works for you? It may be jogging for some or the other people may be ardent at maintaining the perfect yoga postures. Cutting out on carbs may work for one, while the other may be comfortable at curtailing the dairy products. The art of weight reduction lies in the fact that one should never lose hope and keep trying the mixtures. Even going one mile a day will add to the entire transformation which is yet to come!

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