Weight loss diet plan for B and AB group

Weight loss diet plan for B and AB group

People with blood type A and O are very rigid and juxtapose of each other pertaining to the dietary requirements. On the contrary, people with blood type B and AB are quite moderate. B can be further equated with balance i.e. dietary requirements of blood type B fall somewhere in between the characteristics of blood type A and O. whereas people with blood type AB have both the characteristics of A and B. It is obvious that moderate characteristic is quite appealing whereas, sometimes, maintaining the balance is a tiresome work. Blood type B and AB are comparatively new in comparison to blood type A and O which are believed to exist since pre-historic era. The amount of acid level present in stomach in-turn affects blood type dietary requisites. Some foods require highly acidic environment for their breakdown whereas others may not require so. According to one's blood type, it is decided how acidic would be the stomach and thus on the basis of that environment the dietary suggestions are made. Along with diet, it is very important for an individual to maintain the day-to-day activity. If you are suggested for a high proteinaceous diet, then you need to complement it with a vigorous workout whereas if you are on a mild carb diet then maybe a brisk walk or yoga postures would benefit you more. Here, we are going to discuss the do's and don'ts for the blood type B and AB.

Blood type B

As stated above the blood type B is expected to maintain the balance between the two opposite poles of the same spectrum i.e. the blood type A and O. Blood type B, since moderate in nature requires a lot of effort not to disrupt the sensitivity of their immune systems. The higher levels of sensitivity are the result of higher levels of cortisol secretions in stressful conditions also they are highly sensitive to certain food materials which may lead to inflammation of intestines and stomach linings.

People with type B blood are advised to curtail wheat and wheat products intake because it leads to fatigue and fluid retention. Corn intake should be avoided as well, along with fatigue and fluid retention it may lead to hypoglycaemia- a severe drop in the blood sugar levels. Chicken though a lean meat is also a major cause of concern for people with blood type B, as it may lead to auto-immune disorders or strokes. Chicken can be easily replaced with goat meat, lamb, rabbit.

For people with blood type B, the major weight loss equipment can be egg whites, green leafy vegetables, fruits. In contradiction of prohibition of dairy products intake to blood types A and O, people with blood type B may gladly rely on low-fat dairy products- milk, curd, cheese, yoghurt etc.

B blood types are advised to engage in physical activity which involves mind as well, like- tennis, golf, martial arts.

Blood type AB

Blood type AB is the result of intermingling A with B and these two juxtaposes quite happily coexist in the same space. This is the most recent blood type in comparison to the other three. Similar to type A’s low stomach acid, AB imbibe the same characteristics and have low stomach acid but, they also inherit blood type B’s property of adapting to meat. So, neither do they completely reject meat like A nor they can open heartedly adapt to high proteins like B, as it directly gets stored in the form of fat. All types of smoked meats must be completely prohibited for people with low stomach acids, as this may lead to stomach cancer.

For weight loss, the most likeable food materials are tofu, green vegetables, dairy products. For proteins, people with blood type AB can rely on seafood. These people are advised a combination of diet for their irregular secretions of enzymes like- they should avoid protein and starch intake during the same meal. Also, they may take small meals at intervals because sometimes food they eat stays longer than normal in the stomach and may cause bloating and fat deposition.

Clearly, they require the mixture of everything hence, pertaining to workouts people with blood type AB require a mixture of the workouts followed by other blood types. They can schedule 3-day gymnasium with rest of the 3-4 days for yoga or taichi. This would really improvise their metabolic rate and would let the body adapt easily to the combination food.


The crux of this entire discussion is to enhance the metabolic activity, stimulate proper hormone and enzyme secretion in order to maintain the fitness of the body. The above-stated suggestions may be adopted in the daily lifestyle as per the requirement. This is a generalised description, honestly, the entire human race cannot be categorised just in four sections on the basis of blood group, every individual is unique and possesses a different body stature and requirements.

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