The travel guide to staying healthy

The travel guide to staying healthy

Are you fond of travelling and tasting different cuisines? Well! You might answer that who is not? Yeah! That is true, travel is fun. Travel brings with itself an enormous share of pleasure and pain altogether. If you have sufficient money and are experienced, then you might be knowing what you may eat and where to stay in order to maintain the homelike experience. On the contrary, if you have been saving the entire year for this trip and are planning to stay in a motel then there might be no scene of gymnasium nearby. Moreover, travel makes you so much exhausted that you start skipping out the workout thing.

Use parks and lawns

While going out for your breakfast, just lend your 15 minutes of the tight schedule to the park or lawn in the front of your motel. Do a quick warm up and jumping jacks for at least 10 minutes. This will energise your body and increase the metabolic rate which has been slogging lately due to your extra resting postures due to travel. This 15-minute workout will also ease you off your pain that travel has brought to you as a souvenir. If by luck you have some more minutes to spare, then utilise them to flex and extend your limb muscles, you may also like to bend your body from side-to-side, front and back, this may help you relieve your back pain, which comes as an accessory to your sitting posture.

Using public transport

 While travelling mostly you have to sit so while sitting what you can do is try lifting both the legs up together without hands’ support, this will help tighten your torso and burn a few calories in the midst of travel. Sometimes, when you walk to the bathroom, try lifting your legs above ground more than you normally do while you walk. Yeah! People may find your walk to be insane but your calf muscles will get some relaxation. These points are helpful when you are taking the public transport to travel.

Driving by yourself

 If you are driving and you have a pet dog, then you have different options, for the pets need to attend nature’s call more often than humans. While you take your pet out of the car for its need, maybe you must try and satiate your muscle need as well. Stretch! Jog! Lift and swing your limbs, dance! Yes, this may sound and seem stupid doing on the highway, but you got to attend to your basic body needs.

Stock your bag with healthy options

I know you did not have much time for the grocery shopping and it will definitely be inappropriate to expect you slicing and dicing vegetables and preparing salad for your travel munch. Also, you may buy some fresh fruits on the go and satiate your hunger with that. Roasted gram, walnuts, apricots, brown bread with low-fat margarine with these options in your travel backpack it is more likely that not only you would feel full also, you would have fewer cravings to go out and buy unnecessarily expensive and unhealthy stuff.

Trick at the restaurants

 You may want to opt for dry roasted meat in comparison to curry at the highway restaurant. Though, they provide curries at sparkly prices and the healthy options a bit expensive but trust me it is worth a shot. At least you would combat the bloating effect and feel good about yourself and your choices! Feeling good works as an energy booster which you are in dying need of while travelling. That can keep you motivated to opt and eat healthy throughout your journey.

Choose wisely

There may be chances that you are going for a trek or hiking. Since these are already strenuous activities and you have fewer options while on the go, in that condition, you may easily choose to eat whatever you feel like by having a watch on the intake amount. Also, you need to be careful that you have to feel and be fit for these outdoor activities so that you may fulfil your dream. These activities require a lot of effort and strength and God forbid! If you end up eating that fully fried meal a few hours ago, the body will start rejecting the very idea of trekking.


The above discussion encompasses the options you may opt for while you travel, of course, the choice is yours as you are the best judge of what is the optimum level of fitness for your body type. It is essential to enjoy your trip and if the destination is beach then I think I need not blabber much about what to do and what not to as beach is already full of so much activity, the water sports, volleyball, sand art etc. Travel can be a pleasure if everything you eat and do is done a little more mindfully! Enjoy! I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday.

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