Stay healthy stay happy

Stay healthy stay happy

Since the advent of the time, everyone has been practising the emotional eat. The food was given as a reward, the food was served as our rescue when we used to feel low, having a tough day altogether also meant that the end of the day would make up for all the toughness by having a plate full of the desert! Isn't it amazing? Food is the ultimate solution for all of our drudgeries! But this food starts accumulating as fat because most of the time it is devoured at the wrong hours. Yes! Doing the right thing at the right time is also important for maintaining the optimum fitness levels in our lives.

Say Yes! to proteins

By relying on protein diet it is very likely that you would feel full. Feeling full doesn’t always mean that the essence of bloating would reside but, it also helps to curb and control the unnecessary eating which keeps on prevailing all the time. The excessive and unnecessary munching contributes to obesity. Even if your belly doesn’t allow heavy meal digestion, stacking your shelves and refrigerator with fit options may help you grab a healthy snack in case of emotional outbursts.

Water intake

Please increase your water intake if it is not optimal, it is recommended that at least 10 ounces of water for women and 13 ounces of water for men is minimal that one should intake in a day. Water can act as a replacement for proteins in making you feel full and hence restricts your impulse for snacking. Water also helps you feeling fit and refreshed at all times. The more you practice the more you want to continue feeling same. Our body is composed of 60% water and is also responsible for releasing the toxins, if you manage the proper water intake then it is more likely and easy for the body to release toxins. Releasing harmful toxins from the body also acts as a major reason for maintaining the pH balance.

Low-fat or Low-carb diet?

It is important to understand the difference between the low fat and low carbohydrate diet. Low-fat diet encompasses staying hungry and realising restricted diet, whereas low carbohydrate diet is eating until you feel full.

The conspiracy of the second brain.

Do you know, that your stomach is your second brain! Yes, the bacteria which reside inside your belly are the basic reason for food cravings. They are also known to release serotonin and dopamine in the body. The Vagus nerve is the connecting link between our brain and stomach. These hormones are responsible for maintaining the emotional balance. This is how food has an emotional connect in our lives.

Weight training

As it is mentioned above that heavy proteins can make you feel full but in order to digest it, you need to combat it with vigorous exercises. Weight lifting can be a good option in this case. Since lifting heavy weights requires a lot of strength training hence, it helps to burn stored fat rather carbohydrates produced from the meals.

Keep it clean

It is believed that cleanliness is next to skinniness, i.e. if you keep your shelves, refrigerator and work desk neat and clean it is likely that you would want to maintain it and keep away the garbled stuff at bay, repelling the emotional munch can serve as a boon in your journey to weight loss.

Let’s Party!!

It is okay to let loose once in a while and eat your favourite food, this kills the unnecessary urge of eating food which is rich in fat content.


Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, who is the most beautiful of all? Ask this question from your mirror and allow it to settle in your dining room. The mirror should be placed so that you may watch yourself while sitting on the chair and having your meal. This will help you being conscious about yourself while you eat. Also make sure that you are not watching television or browsing the internet, because these habits keep you distracted and before you realise everything will reach in your belly.

Dim light

Maintain low light in your home, low light helps to lower the stress level and thus prevents you to munch on unnecessary things.

Skinny waiter

Choose your waiter carefully, according to a survey it is believed that lean people tend to suggest healthy options to eat, so the next time when you visit a restaurant make sure that you get the optimum suggestion.


All the points mentioned above are no hard and fast rules. Some people tried these formulas and it worked for them while it is not guaranteed that the same will work for you!  Some points mentioned above are the results of the survey and a vast analysis. Also, by the skinny waiter, we do not want you to misjudge people. At the end, it is your choice which matters. If you decide to stay fit and do not get affected by opinions of others, then it doesn't matter what is going around you.

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