Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race

Do you have a smart phone? Is it Android/ Windows/ I-phone? Cool features, eh? Do you love food? If your answer is yes! Then I’m sure you might be having applications like Food Panda, Domino’s, Mc Delivery, Zomato installed in it. It is very easy and handy to order online and devour a great meal after a long and tiring day. Our day to day activity has changed a lot in the past 5-6 decades. The technological advancement has made all the jobs more comfortable and chair friendly, this has led to a sedentary lifestyle and meagre physical activity. Fifty years back, when a person in a department of an office had to communicate with some other person in another department, they had to get up from their seats and go to other room where the desired person was seated, in order to establish a conversation. But, nowadays it has become so easy, all we have to do is drop a mail and everything is done within minutes. Technological advancement cannot be blamed for our body shapes because every coin has two sides, similarly, technological advancement has helped us in infinite ways.

It is very easy to count the negative repercussions of technology and leave everything. Taking responsibility is a huge drudgery. We do not want to reprimand ourselves for indulging in the most important source of happiness i.e. ‘FOOD'. Be it a celebration or a bad day at work or college, food is our all-time saviour and seems to be best when comes sizzling with the help of a few clicks. Somewhere deep inside we know that though our lifestyle is not healthy and all this ease is adding to our love handles but we find ourselves trapped midway. With a slight effort, everything can be achieved. Let us try a few jinxes to cast these extra kilos away.

Baby Steps

  • Delete applications The first and foremost thing which can be easily done is to get rid of all food applications installed on your phone. I know this sounds kiddish but here we are trying to act kid like in order to befool our own cravings. If you have an application installed it would be very likely to stick to your old habits of ordering food online but, once you get rid of them you might give ordering a second chance.
  • Five-minute breakTake a five-minute break every hour or two while you are at work, get up from your desk move around, stretch and flex your body and muscles, engage yourself in a light conversation or listen to a small clip of good music. Doing this little bit will help your pituitary to release endorphins and make you feel good about yourself and less stressed, this, in turn, can motivate you further to continue the same practice in the intervals.
  • HydrateThe sure shot formula to get rid of any toxins is to keep yourself hydrated. Our body is 70% water. So, as we maintain the inflow, the outflow balances itself and we can easily get rid of any toxins affecting the free flow of fluids.
  • CaffeineIt is believed that caffeine is an appetite suppressant and increases the metabolic rate of the body and hence it helps maintain the required body fat and muscle mass.
  • Small targets As mentioned above that these are the baby steps towards your fitness goal hence, it would be better to take one step at a time to change just a small part of the entire picture i.e. you can start by creating small little everyday challenges for yourself. Like from today onwards you can reduce the amount of margarine that you have been so generously applying on your bread or you may reduce the number of slices by one compared to your previous intake.
  • AlarmsWe know that you have been scheduling multiple alarms just to get up one hour before your actual time so that you may make space for a little exercise but it has been months and yet no improvement. You have been snoozing it off again and again and getting up at the same old time. So, what you can do is, instead of keeping the phone alarm or your clock beside your bed, you may keep it on the table or window shelf which is 4-5 steps away from your cosy bed. Now, when the alarm rings in the morning you will have to leave your bed to reach out to it that may help you avoid pressing the snooze button and you may start getting up early in the morning.
  • Make it 15If you are getting up at 7:00 am every day then start by setting your alarm for 6:45am which will be just 15 minutes before you actually get up every day and hence it wouldn't disrupt your biological clock at random. Once you've practiced getting up at 6:45am again you may reschedule your alarm to 6:30am, which will appear as no big deal to your body.



The crux of this entire conversation is to give you practical solutions which you can easily fit in your everyday routine. It is more likely that if there occurs a drastic change in our daily regime we get back to our old habits, so, the idea is to start a little slow and maintain it in the long run. Doing something on a daily basis eases the workload as it gets divided into small parts.

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