Top Health and Fitness Tips

Top Health and Fitness Tips

Staying fit and healthy must be the priority of every person; however, health is the most neglected thing in our lives. 

Most of us struggle hard to keep up with our health but are unable to do so. In our busy schedules, it becomes tough to maintain a proper diet plan and workout routine. 

Joining a gym or undertaking a weight loss plan is a short-term solution. Unless and until we adapt our fitness tips in our daily life, we cannot expect lifelong fitness. 

So, what do can we do to stay healthy and fit in the long-run?

Start slow

Jumping into extreme fitness workout plans won’t help. Begin with a slow but gradual start. If you were walking 1500-2000 steps per day, focus on increasing it to 3000. Gradually set your goals in increasing order. 

Instead of trying to work out for 2 hours every day, try to exercise for one hour twice or thrice a week. 

Don’t forget-

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Increasing our physical activities

Getting physically active does not necessarily means joining a gym or taking part in marathons every day. If you have a desk job like most Americans, you can increase your activities in the following ways:

  1. Make your that you do not sit for more than 20 minutes. After every 15-20 minutes, get up, move your hands and legs. Walk for 2-4 minutes and then resume your work. 
  2. Go for a walk during your lunch break. 

Eat healthy food

Fast foods are very tempting but they are the major culprits behind obesity and other terrible diseases. The number of calories in these convenience foods is excessive. The best fitness tips for weight loss will always tell you to control your processed food intake. 

If you are extremely overweight, you can undertake a quick weight loss fitness plan. But following a plan is possible throughout life. 

Thus, once your weight comes under control, move to a healthy diet which is neither too strict nor too liberal. 

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Smoking and drinking are two major reasons behind weight gain and obesity. No matter how many weight loss healthy diets you follow, if you are a heavy drinker or chain smoker, do not expect weight loss any time soon. 

If you want to live a long and healthy life, avoid these two evils. 

Make your exercises interesting

Developing a new habit is tough but sustaining it, in the long run, is tougher. Your fitness workout routine should be enjoyable. 

  1. Mix a number of exercises 
  2. Play songs while working out
  3. Instead of counting your sets, use music to chalk your time. 
  4. Perform one special exercise every day. 

Monday- Yoga

Tuesday- Kickboxing

Wednesday- Zumba

Thursday- aerobics

Friday- Power Yoga

Develop a positive approach towards life

You might have tried losing weight many times and failed.

But Never Give Up

If you failed twice, you will succeed in the third attempt. Have a positive outlook. Seek out for happiness and joy. Negative approach and sullen mind are not good for the health. 

Positivity is one of the most underrated concepts. But maintaining it can help you achieve great things. 

Fitness is not a day’s task. It is a continuous process which requires lifelong efforts and dedication. Every day matters and makes a difference. 

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