How is Yoga helpful in Weight Loss?

How is Yoga helpful in Weight Loss?

The mystical land of India has given many great gifts to the world. Yoga is one gift which outcasts all others! It involves several ancient mental, physical, and spiritual practices which provide long-lasting transformation and life-changing gratification.

The term Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit term which means the union of body and mind. In order to lead a fit and healthy life, it is important that our mind is in sync with the body and vice versa. 

Yoga and fitness go hand in hand. If you want a healthy way to lose your pounds, you must consider weight loss with yoga. 

Let us find out how effective yoga is in weight loss

Yoga for weight loss - Over the past few decades, Yoga has gained international recognition for its health benefits. From Madonna to Jennifer Aniston every Hollywood celebrity is in awe of the mind-blowing benefits of Yoga. 

You must understand that Yoga is not a high-intensity exercise. However, an hour’s session covers your entire body inside out. Your muscle lengthening and strengthening, cardio, and core workout are all included in a proper yoga session.

This is the result of yoga for weight loss before and after. Also, if you have just started your weight reduction treatment, yoga for weight loss for beginners in the best exercise.

There are many yoga poses for belly weight loss too which help you shed the flab around the tummy.   

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Treatment - Many studies have shown that Yoga has an antidepressant effect. It reduces the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which influences the neurotransmitter, serotonin which is responsible for causing depression. 

One study has proven that performing Yoga regularly helps regularize breathing and prevents hyperventilation. 

There are many asanas which help various ways to help people fight depression. Many people in the US have involved yoga in their daily workout regime. This is because it helps cope up with anxiety. 

In a recent study, 64 women suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder and severe anxiety were asked to practice yoga twice a week for ten weeks. After 10 weeks, 65% of the women were diagnosed with zero PTSD and anxiety. 

Yoga for heart health - In order to stay fit and healthy, it is important to keep the heart perfectly fine. Improved heat health reduces the risks of many major diseases.

Yoga helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure. With regular yoga, the cholesterol level is also regularized. 

However, you must understand that heart disorders are serious health issues and cannot be treated only with yoga. You need to have a good and healthy diet plan and lead an active life too.

Yoga and sound sleep - In order to lose weight, which is one of the most important but at the same time most underrated thing? 


Unless you have proper sleep every day, you cannot stay fit. Poor quality sleep is related to high blood pressure, obesity, and depression among many other major problems. Incorporating Yoga into your routine helps enhance sleep quality. 

Yoga and meditation help in the secretion of melatonin which regulates wakefulness and sleep. 

Moreover, it also helps in curing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. When you are free from such problems, the quality of sleep is naturally improved. 

Along with regular Yoga, you can also take PhenQ for quick weight loss!

PhenQ is an effective formula for weight loss. If you are aiming for a fast weight loss, you must buy PhenQ online and consume it as directed. Performing yoga is excellent for overall health but as mentioned above, it is not a high- intensity exercise. 

Therefore, you need something like PhenQ to help you lose weight quickly. The time when people were apprehensive towards weight loss supplements is gone. PhenQ has brought a positive change in this field. The supplement is totally safe for the body and greatly effective. 

PhenQ burns the stored fat and blocks further fat production. It is produced in FDA approved facilities so it is completely harmless and has zero side effects. 

With regular Yoga and PhenQ, you can get your dream body and health goals in the shortest time. 

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