Arm Muscle Building for Women and Men

Arm Muscle Building for Women and Men

We all have our Leg Days and Arm Days at the gym. The normal conception is that on a particular day, we work upon that specific body part only. But is that enough?

To be precise, our arms constitute two main muscle groups- biceps and triceps. Since you want to build your arms, you need to cover every aspect of arm muscle gains. 

Learn the Anatomy of Arms

The muscles in the front part of the upper arm are called biceps. They are engaged through a motion known as elbow flexion. This is done by bending the elbow; thus, decreasing the angle between the upper arm and forearm. 

The triceps are divided into three parts. The back of the upper arms constitutes the triceps. This section of the arm is worked upon by performing elbow extension which is the opposite of flexion. In simpler words, triceps are worked up with straightened arms. 

Now you know that in order to get toned arms, you need to work in two different ways. 

Decide the Right Exercises

After studying the anatomy of arms, you are sufficiently physical literate. We believe that with a little bit of extra knowledge, you can choose the right exercises but in case you need some assistance, here is a list of exercises that you can perform to tone your arms and give them a better shape:

  1. Dips
  2. Barbell curls
  3. Triceps Kickbacks
  4. Dumbbell incline curls
  5. Triceps pushdowns
  6. Twist curls

There are many bodybuilding tips which can make your bodybuilding program interesting and enjoyable. Look out for such bodybuilding workouts in our other blogs.

Work Upon Your Entire Body

Secret Tip: Heavy lifting for arms boosts growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body. This increase helps you build and shape muscles throughout your whole body. 

Therefore, you must make certain that you make the most out of this time and work upon your overall bodybuilding. To maximize the effect, work upon the muscles and multiple joints at the same time. 

Include the following exercises in your workout routine:

  1. Bench press
  2. Military press
  3. Back rows
  4. Pull-ups

Give Rest to Your Arms 

Agreed, that in order to build arms, they are needed to be worked upon a lot. But if you keep on pressurizing your arms and hands without giving them rest, it might result in serious injury or muscle rupture. 

The best way to work your arms is by doing it on alternate days. The break will give your muscles time to heal and gain strength. However, if you feel immense soreness or fatigue, take one more day off from arms. Your bodybuilding workout plan should be both intense and relaxing. With the right plan and healthy bodybuilding foods, you can achieve your desired results sooner than expected.

Muscle Building Workouts for Women

Women contain lesser fat in the upper back and shoulder region than in the rest of the body. Therefore, it is easier to learn how to gain muscle mass fast in females.

Perform the following exercises and take the right muscle building supplements to get toned arms:

  1. Reverse fly
  2. Biceps curl
  3. Dumbbell cross jab
  4. Triceps extension
  5. Plank
  6. Push-ups

Muscle Gain Workouts for Men

Men need big and bulky arms. If you want to know how to build muscle fast with the correct exercises and muscle building food supplements, perform the following workout routine:

  1. Inclined bicep curls
  2. Javelin press
  3. Tate press
  4. Barbell bicep curls
  5. Dumbbell alternate curls
  6. Plank
  7. Push-ups


To build your body, you need to work hard as well as smart. Take help from external sources such as natural bodybuilding supplements and muscle gain supplements which will boost the process of muscle growth in a safe manner.

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