Quintessential Brain appetite Thought

Quintessential Brain appetite Thought

When you’re trying to lose weight one of the most important things to work on is to have that can do spirit. It is all in the mind. If you have a feeling that the stranger sitting next to you in the movie hall wouldn’t stab you to death, you are motivated to go out for movies every now and then. On the contrary, if you have been spending too much time watching daily soaps and believing the conspiracy theories they have to offer, it is more likely that you would soon start being suspicious about every single stranger you encounter. The reason for delineating this mind game is to make you more aware of what has been cooking in your mind which has been hampering you from reaching your fittest self!

It is said "what goes around comes back around" which means that it is more likely to turn into reality which you keep focussing on and on. Rather cribbing about what you are not equipped with, you must focus on what you already have. Here, I would like to share my own example, that lately, I have been pondering about how to arrange for a platform that can help me do step-ups? Since my flat is on the ground floor, there is no staircase and I get conscious while exercising so, I avoid working out outdoors. But recently I met a girl, who was ultra-fit and couldn't even afford to buy dumbbells or other training stuff, she told me that she filled her huge soda bottles with water and used them as a replacement for dumbbell, for step-ups she used her couch. See, it was so simple and easily available but never occurred to me! Reason being I was preoccupied with the excuses to skip the workout and she was determined to make it happen!

The Journey

Run! Run! It takes time but, it guarantees fitness. If you cannot run then, walk. If you cannot walk then, crawl, but keep moving. You have to keep up with the Can do! Spirit. The commercials offering to help you get to your leaner self in a week are all lying, try, to be honest with yourself on this journey. Do not starve yourself or deprive of any food but, at the same time make it click every time in your head that what are you eating and how is it going to help you being healthier?

Being human it is obvious to look for proofs and results when you start your fitness journey you do it with utmost enthusiasm and zeal, it is expected that you would want to check whether all this sacrifice is for any good? The moment you testify the weighing scale is struggling and striking the old numbers, you get depressed and project in mind that it is of no use. Then starts the karmic blame game, cursing the destiny or justifying that this is hereditary and cannot be overcome. Yes! The last point may be true, it might be genetically possible for someone to be plumpish and the other to have a lean stature but being fit is everyone's birthright. With proper understanding and knowledge about your body type the plumpish can be lean too. There might be some dietary rearrangements for the people who are prone to be obese. With high protein and complex carbohydrate diet, the meal can be made fulfilling and healthy. It is essential to cover all the prospects i.e. diet, exercise, mindset. The combination works for good and shows remarkable results.

From excuses to solutions

There may be many and different hurdles for each one of us and for that case I fully empathise. Please recall all the hurdles you have been pondering about since years, do you think the girl or boy you were ogling at in the supermarket last weekend with a fit stature has had no problems at all ever? You know the answer; the journey of life is same for everybody we all need just a shift of focus from self-effacement to centre stage. Humility is good to have, and your self-improvement journey is important too amidst all the never ending flurry. Make time for yourself as you do every day for your family, favourite TV show, friends, shopping. Your journey to fitness requires your patience and time too. There are no Harry Potter magic spells which can make your dreams come true. It's only effort and self-perseverance which can actually show valid results over a period of time.

Nike’s tagline was once being You may feel Sore or Sorry tomorrow the choice is yours. Amongst the drudgeries of life let us make it a habit to be fit, hearty and happy. When we focus on solutions for the hurdles then they no more become problems so, let us today mindfully choose to be fit!

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