Why belly fat is Dangerous? How to Get Rid of it?

Why belly fat is Dangerous? How to Get Rid of it?

Getting rid of that belly fat is not just important to have an appealing body but also to have a healthy and disease- free body. If you don’t believe it, let us go through the record of a woman named Ginger Moore-

In the latter half of the 1990s, Moore found herself at a crossroads. Like most of the people who are nearing 40s, Moore too gained some extra kilos near the waist and belly. She admitted that her weight gain happened due to all wrong reasons such as laziness and emotional eating, 

At first, Moore wasn’t worried a lot because her gain wasn’t drastic and too much. But after reading several articles, talking to doctors, and getting counseled by her parents, she decided to get a checkup done. 

It was then when she found out she had high levels of bad cholesterol in her body and that her chances of getting a heart attack and stroke had increased exponentially. She also got to know that she has become prediabetic and if her weight didn’t stop, she would get diabetes within the best 5 to 10 years. 

So now you definitely have an idea of the terrible effects of being overweight. Being obese or overweight is in itself terrible for the body’s health but fat accumulation in some areas is worse than the others. 

Why is belly fat the most terrible kind of fat?

The fat cells which lie below most of the skin in the body are called subcutaneous fat cells. In the belly, they are called the visceral fat cells as they are formed between the internal organs like intestines and stomach. 

Belly fat increases the risks of heart attack and diabetes

This fat creates toxins that greatly affect the normal working of the body. One such chemical toxin is called cytokines which increases the risk of heat disorders and makes the body less sensitive to insulin; thus increasing your chances of diabetes. 

Belly fat can cause cancer

According to The American Cancer Society, an extreme amount of cytokines can also cause cancer of esophagus, colon, rectum, and pancreas. So you should look out for the solution of how to reduce belly fat

Rare fact about belly fat

In order to be at an alarming level of belly fat, you don’t have to be completely obese. Many people who are otherwise of normal weight and body- built have protruding bellies. Even if you have slender arms and good legs but your belly is bulging, you are at a great risk. 

How to find out if you have excess belly fat?

You don’t need to spend dollars and run several tests to find this one! Just use a measuring tape and get going.

If you are a woman with a waist of more than 35 inches, you have got a cause for trouble. 

If you are a man with a waist of more than 40 inches, you have serious health issues.

How to lose belly fat?

Well, it is a lot easier to say but immensely tough to do. In the beginning, even all the easy and quick weight loss tips seem to fail. It seems as if the goal is miles apart from you and you can never reach there. 

But, in reality, all it takes is a lot of dedication and willpower. 

If you want to lose weight fast, you must make certain ground rules for yourself. 

1. No junk food

Since you want to know how to reduce belly fat, you must prepare it to leave all its bad habits. No oily and fatty food for a while. 

2. Fruits? Yes!

Making friends with fruits and vegetables seems like the best idea for your body. Whenever you have food cravings, eat an apple or a banana. Fruits are portable too, isn’t it?

3. Say ‘Yes’ to green tea

Since you are about to detox your body, green tea has to make an entry in your life. Drink 2- 4 cups of natural green tea every day and stay refreshed.’

4. No to carbonated drinks

Needless to say, carbonated drinks are very harmful to the body. More than 65% of Americans drink more than 650 ml of soft drinks every day. If you break up with them, you will see that your health is becoming better day by day.

5. Brisk walking is good

Start your new lifestyle with some brisk walking. Go for a walk or jog every day. spend 30 to 45 minutes out there and see the difference in your body.

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