What Are You Allowed to Drink on Intermittent Fasting?

What Are You Allowed to Drink on Intermittent Fasting?

Overweight has become a common problem nowadays. People, irrespective of their age or region are suffering from obesity and bloat tummy. The big fat tummy that they develop may not be because of excess eating, but it can also depend on the improper intake of food. Nowadays people are more into fast food. They consume artificial drinks, hamburgers, pizzas and what not. Eating healthy and greens are just not their thing. This can be dangerous.

It is better late than never. If you are not aware of the health risk that excessive fat cause to your body then by the end of the article you will surely know them all. Overweight can cause various heart diseases, increased blood pressure, breathing problems, walking issues, lethargic attitude and what not. A fat person not only feels uncomfortable in a gathering but also is low on morale. They always have to think before wearing any clothes.

How to lose weight fast

Weight loss is not so difficult as it sounds. If you are self-determined and have little self-control, you can also have a perfect figure like all the fitness freaks. Whenever the term quick weight loss comes, intermittent fasting also pops out. Intermittent fasting is the process of dividing your eating into two categories that are fasting period or nonfasting period. In this process, you break the cycle in these two parts which result is less calorie intake. There are two types of intermittent fasting that are:

  • Whole day fasting or alternate day fasting: In this process, you eat for 24 hours and your fast for the next 24 hours.
  • Time-bound fasting: In this process, you eat in a time-bound manner. For example, the eating window is open for 8 or 10 hours and the next 16 hours you fast.

Though it is a very famous process of weight loss it can have some serious side effects on your body like acidity, nausea, weakness etc. You should always consult your physician before opting for this method. The intermittent fasting is a much-varied process. Some recommend that drinks can be consumed during intermittent fasting. Some of the drinks are as follows:

  • Tea and coffee with artificial sugar
  • Water
  • Juices
  • Low calorie or zero calorie drinks
  • Green tea etc.

Weight loss with intermittent fasting is said to reduce the chance of breast cancer and inflammation but the evidence of this is not much known. Others tips for losing out on calories are as follows:

  • Drink a lot of water. One should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and to chuck away all the false hunger alarms
  • Do not eat too much fast food. Learn to say a big no to all the junk foods.
  • eat a large number of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Include the food rich in protein like spinach, egg, boiled chicken etc.
  • You can join any kind of sports that you like. This can be swimming, football, cricket, basketball, badminton or any other game which includes strength and physical movement of the body. It helps in burning calories.
  • Weight loss supplements also work in this case but one should not rely on them.

There are many ways in which you can stay healthy and motivated to alter the body in a way you want. Stay conscious about your body and lifestyle. Stay fit, live longer.

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