Weight Loss for Teenage Girls

Weight Loss for Teenage Girls

The physical health habits of people are established in the teen years for a lifetime. According to the National Centre for Health Statistics, 18% of teenage girls in America are "obese". It is certainly a terrible statistical record. Once a person turns obese, even extreme workouts and diets become almost useless. It is better that teenage girls are checked before they turn into sickly obese teenagers. There are certain simple ways by which the growing layer of fat around the body of teenage girls can be controlled and reduced. Let's find them out one by one:

1. Say No to Soda

All the carbonized drinks, like soft drinks, contain soda. One can of soda a day adds up to 1200 calories per week. This means that a teenager adds more than 50,000 calories in a year just by drinking a can of soda or soft drinks each day. Parents should take care that the young girls avoid soda, instead, they drink fresh fruit juice or shakes. Even the packed, fruit juices are better than soda. More than 50,000 calories can be saved by just cutting down a can of soda every day. This is very much required to say no to soda and soft drink if you are looking for some serious weight loss.

2. Walk

Walking the most inexpensive and beneficial thing a person can do for himself. Every teenage girl should skip the ride sometimes and take a walk. Only a 15 minutes’ walk can burn 45 calories. Girls should even use stairs instead of elevators in the malls whenever they go shopping. More than 5 pounds can be lost only by these simple steps. Walking is one of the easiest weight loss practices that can be done to achieve weight loss goal.

3. Limit Junk

Junk foods are the enemies of healthy bodies. Snacks have a lot of calories in them. It is not that a teenager should completely stop snacks, but it should be limited. A record of the snacks eaten should be kept. The list should be reduced gradually. One can even find low- calorie snacks on the market. Celery and popcorns are low-calorie snacks. But, the best way to avoid snacks is by eating fruits in place of junk foods. 

4. Drink A Lot of Water

Drinking water is the key to a healthy body and glowing skin. We recommend young teenage girls to drink lots of water for many reasons. Firstly, water is a calorie-free drink, so, you can drink as much as you want without getting fat. Secondly, it keeps the body moist and reduces our urge to eat heavy meals at night.

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