Obesity in Children and in Adults

Obesity in Children and in Adults

The words "obesity" and "overweight" are generally referred to the body weight of a person that is more or greater than the normal and healthy weight for a particular height.

The easiest and accurate method of measuring obesity and excessive weight of a person is Body Mass Index, i.e., BMI. It is a calculation done by your weight and height.

Billions of people in the world and in America and U.K. itself are obese or overweight. Being overweight and obese is itself a major problem and it also puts the patient at a risk for many harmful health hazards. The more body fat and weight you have the more vulnerable you become towards diseases.

Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, various cancers, gallstones, coronary heart infection, and many respiratory diseases come as complementary diseases along with obesity.

Overeating is not the lone cause of excessive fat in the body. Many factors, like environment, genetics and the history of family, the time that is taken by your body to change the food and oxygen into energy, daily activities, and behavior, are also responsible for obesity 

Although factors like family background and genetics cannot be changed but you can alter your lifestyle, daily activities, and habits to reduce your weight and stay fit and healthy. For an instance, you can follow a healthy diet plan and keep a check and limit your calories. Perform a lot of physical activities and try not to stay inactive for a very long period of time.

There are many weight- loss medications in the pharmacy and medical world that help you in reducing your weight. Also, for some people who are extremely over- weight and cannot be treated only with physical activities, the option of surgery is available too.

Following written are the treatments for obesity at different age groups:-

Treatment for Adults-

An over-weighted adult should work towards losing 6 to 12 percent of the present weight in 6 months. Following this routine will help an adult in lowering the risk of CHD, i.e., Coronary Heart Disease and many other such conditions.

Do not try to lose a lot of weight in a less time. If you lose weight slowly, you will save your body from the physical and hormonal effects of the sudden weight lose. Try losing 1 to 2 pounds in 7 days. It will prevent you from straying away from a very tough and strict change in lifestyle.

Lose around 10 % of your body weight and try to maintain it for at least 6 months, after which, if you still feel that you are obese and overweight, you can consider some more weight lose but in the same, slow and gradual manner.

Treatment for Children and Teens

Obesity is not only prevailing among adults. It has affected a large number of children and teenagers as well. If a family finds out that the child is suffering from excessive weight or is at the verge of obesity, it should try to work hard towards maintaining the current weight an keep a check on his eating habits and life style. Treating obesity in children is not a one person task. The entire family has to take the initiative to change the living order.

Attaining a healthy weight is a big challenge for fat people but maintaining that weight forever is an even greater task. If a person reduces his weight, he not only escapes from obesity but also saves himself from many other fatal diseases. Correct treatment and encouragement are required for a person to lose weight and to save himself from life- threatening diseases.

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