Weight loss Tips for Busy Moms

Weight loss Tips for Busy Moms

Weight loss has been one of the major issues of all time. Weight loss for mothers is prominently one of the hardest things to do because during pregnancy body goes through a lot of changes especially storage of fat all around the body. Along with this, losing weight after whole nine months of being on rest and not working much is definitely not easy but, it isn’t impossible. The body of a normal woman is quite different from the body of a mom as there is a lot of loose skin in the lower abdomen and accumulation of fat all over the body.

Weight loss for moms might be a griming task but it is not impossible, by following some easy weight loss tips you all moms can shed those extra pounds and can attain that flawlessly toned body once again.

Here are some weight loss tips for moms that you can follow to be back in shape again-:

  • Sleep more often: Lack of sleep surrounds us with negativity and provides stress which often leads to weight gain and disturbance in metabolism. Research shows sleep loss negatively impacts the hormones that regulate how hungry you feel and how efficiently you burn calories. We know it's hard to sneak into sleep when you're a new mom, but if you nap when the baby does, you'll be able to grab a few extra hours of rest.
  • Eat on smaller plates: It is a tame truism that people serves themselves more food when they are eating in a large plate but if the size of your plate is comparatively smaller then you would not be able to do overeating. For weight loss, portion control is a must. Using smaller plates is a simple tool for controlling how much you eat without having to measure anything.
  • Add more veggies to your meal: Vegetables contain fewer calories and are healthy. Veggies not only work as a catalytic agent in quick weight loss but are also beneficial for health. Their high fiber content promotes a feeling of fullness, making it easier for you to limit your calorie intake.
  • Move your body: Even if you are stuck in the house and can’t make it out to the gym or the park you can still burn some calories. You can have mini “dance breaks” or do some cardio by walking around your house but don’t let your body sit for a long period of time.
  • Say no to diets: Diets are fads, they are marketing BS and you are smarter than that! Just eat real healthy food and count your calories and water intake. Keep a sheet of paper, tally the glasses of water and write down the calories you intake during a day. This will not only help you maintain a record of what you eat but will also prevent you from boredom eating.
  • Drink plenty of water: Drink 2 large glasses with breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the minimum and more if you are thirsty or hungry. Drinking more water will make you full and won’t allow you to eat much.
  • Make an exercise routine: Exercising and working out always helps in losing weight. Weight loss at home is also possible as you can perform some simple exercise at home which will burn your fat and will make you fit.

So for all the moms who are looking for how to lose weight fast can just follow these quick tips and be fit again

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