Fruits VS Fruit Juice: What helps better in weight loss?

Fruits VS Fruit Juice: What helps better in weight loss?

We all know that fruits are an important part of our meal. They keep us healthy and help us reduce weight. Fruits also remove the toxicity from our body, thus, building up our immunity. However, what we people generally fail to understand is the proper way of consuming fruits. This problem not only stays with the eating of fruits but also with all other dishes and foods. Some kind of fruit should only be eaten in the morning and some only at night. Some should be eaten with their peels and some should be taken as juices. Most of the people prefer fruit juice over fruits for many reasons. Juices are easier and less time taking to consume whereas fruits take more time to be eaten. In this blog, we will know whether it is better to drink fruit juice or eat fruits.

One portion of fruits is necessary for weight loss. If you want a slim and toned body, you should include a portion of fresh fruits in your meal everyday. Now, most of the people do not know how much makes a portion. We have mentioned the fruit count which makes one whole portion below:

  1. 1 Apple with a banana, and a pear/ orange/ any similar sized fruit.
  2. 2 Plums with satsumas, and a kiwi/ any similar sized fruit.
  3. Half avocado or grapefruit.
  4. 1 large slice of fresh pineapple or melon.

Many people eat fruits for weight loss; however, they do not know the right quantity to eat. If you want to lose weight fast, you should include 2 portions of fruits in your meal daily.

When it comes to taking fruit juices instead of whole fruits, the outcome is slightly lesser. In place of juice, you should eat fruits for weight loss. The following reasons will help you think clearly and understand why fruits are better than juices:

  1. Loss of nutrients: When the fruit juices are processed and packed, the phytonutrients which fight against diseases are lost. The juices also lack fibers and have high fructose content. As mentioned earlier, two portions of fruits are sufficient for quick weight loss, but, when you drink juices instead of fruits, you may take more than 4 portions in a go which is not good for the body if taken on a regular basis.


  1. Additional sugar: Packed fruit juices have high calories and sugar. If you are on a weight loss journey, such kind of drinks is a disaster. Even if you drink fresh fruit juice, a sudden rise is seen in the blood sugar level. Also, the absence of fibers does not go well with the idea of a fast weight loss.

Another problem with drinking juice is that people consume more than they actually require. It is quite understandable that fruits make us feel fuller than juices. So, we should prefer fruits over juices.

Bananas and berries are the best fruits for weight loss. They have low sugar contents and keep us full for a long time.

However, fresh fruit juices are not completely bad. If you do not have enough time to eat fruits, you can always gulp a glass for freshly prepared juice and hit the run. Juices provide an instant rise in the energy levels and keep us active. Also, as they say, “something is better than nothing”, the juice is always better than no fruit at all. But we should make sure that the juice is not a packed one. It is freshly made and if it is homemade than the quality becomes even better. Include fruits in your life in some form or the other and shed pounds.

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