6 Easy Tricks to Lose Weight

6 Easy Tricks to Lose Weight

A lot is written on obesity. A bigger lot is available for the tips to reduce excessive weight and fat from the body. However, most of the tips and tricks of losing weight are not easy and cannot be performed in the daily life. In this blog, you will find some very simple tips that can help in losing a lot of weight in a very less time without bringing about any drastic change in your routine life.

1. Make a list of all that you eat per day: It may sound funny but it will help you in reducing a hell lot of fat from your body. The University of North Carolina conducted a survey and found out the people who note down their food intake and calories per day tend to consume a lesser amount of the same than those who eat and drink without giving a thought to the high amount of calories in the eatables or drinks.

2.  Repeat the Weight- loss Mantra in your head: Whenever you feel dejected and upset because you think that you are not losing weight easily, repeat a Mantra like “I can lose weight", " I can do it " or " just a few days more and I will shed many pounds". These kinds of thoughts will give you motivation to work harder and stay fit. Many a times, feel think that they can't lose weight and stop working out and following a routine. It is a matter of fact that some people can lose weight easily and others take time but at the end of the day both of them will find amazing results. Motivation and a guiding force is very necessary for getting away from obesity. Therefore, instead of depending on someone else for sympathy or motivation why not we refuel ourselves on our own, time and again?

3. Drink a lot of water: In the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink a glass of lukewarm water. At breakfast you may have juice, but make sure that you take a fresh fruit juice and not the artificial flavored one. For the rest of your day, drink a lot of water instead of any energy drink or juice. 245 extra calories are consumed every day by an average American from soft drink. It means almost 90,000 calories per year or 25 pounds. So, avoid soft drinks an increase your water intake. Make sure you carry a water bottle wherever you go and drink at least 4-6 litres of water every day.

4. Eat 4 bites less from your meal: By doing so you may save around 150 calories every day. This trick can alone prevent you from gaining the four pounds other people without thinking gain add on every year.

5. Reduce your TV time: A survey performed n 70 undergraduate students stated that the students who watched more TV ate more than the other students. Also, the ones who sat in front of the television while having their breakfast, lunch or dinner ate in a greater than required quantity. To lose weight the first and the foremost thing you have

to do is to NEVER watch TV while eating. You should also reduce your TV time and go for a walk instead.

6. Do Some Thorough Washing and Cleaning Once a Week: Look around your house for once. NO, I am not talking about the beautiful wallpapers or paintings. Look around for something unwashed and dirty like the floor, the shower stall, the tiles in the bathroom, the windows of your car. A 140 pound person can burn around 5 calories per minute if he washes and cleans such things thoroughly. 35 minutes of scrubbing will help you burn around 120 calories.

The above mentioned tips do not demand money or a lot of time. Follow these simple tricks and shed a lot pounds in a very less time.

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