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BTS Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour Latest Updates

Check out BTS Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour Latest Updates here. The Korean boy band is the number one on everyone’s list. Find out the updates here.



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The global popularity of Korean boy group BTS is soaring higher than ever in 2019. The past month has been rewarding for the members of BTS with them being on tour in America and Europe. They kickstarted their tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself on the 4th of May from the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. The show was sold out and fans from all over the world were in attendance to watch their favorite artists take the stage again. The setlist consisted of twenty four tracks, including some tracks from their April comeback Map of the Soul: Persona. There was a lot of hype for this tour and BTS and their crew did not disappoint. The seven members of BTS are vocalists, rappers, composers and dancers all rolled into one. They have always performed well while live so their individual performances weren’t exactly a surprise for their fans. What was unexpected was the new stage experience they brought complete with human-sized bubbles, 3D special effects, inflatable bouncy castles and a flying member!

Their next stop was the electrifying concert at Soldier Field in Chicago on May 11th and 12th. Next, they performed their songs Boy with Luv and Fire at GMA’s summer show on May 15th, followed by two performances- Boy with Luv and Make it Right for The Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert. May 18th and 19th found them firing up the stage at MetLife in New Jersey. Their next appearance was at The Voice (America) where they performed Boy with Luv and enthralled the audience.

The members of BTS have previously said that their Brazilian fans are the most enthusiastic and their two days performing at the Allianz Parque in Brazil on May 25th and 26th bore testament to that.

After America, BTS set up their base in Europe. They made their first appearance in Britain with a bang by performing Boy with Luv on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent. On the 1st and 2nd of June, they held their historic concert at Wembley Stadium in London. This was a major breakthrough for them as it is difficult even for American artists to gain traction in Britain. The concert at Wembley was also broadcasted live for their fans through an app called VLive. A surprise event was planned for BTS by their agency Bighit Ent. When the boys were getting ready for performing their song Mikrokosmos, the screen behind them lighted up with the words ‘ARMY SING’ followed by the lyrics of the song Young Forever. While the entire stadium crooned the lyrics “Forever, we are young”, the BTS members became teary-eyed at this endearing show of love.

Wembley thus became witness to an iconic moment in history.

The next stop for BTS was Stade de France in Saint-Denis, France. The streets of France buzzed with excitement for the two BTS concerts on the 7th and 8th of June. This time around, BTS had a surprise for their audience. Halsey, who was featured on the track Boy with Luv, made a surprise appearance and performed live with the boys on the stage. Before leaving, she declared that these boys were like family to her. The moment further established the rare bond that these two artists have formed despite belonging to opposite sides of the world.

Meanwhile, news of BTS and Bang Shi Hyuk (the CEO of Bighit) being invited to become members of the Recording Academy/Grammys was released. This development greatly pleased ARMYs since this meant that BTS was being recognized for their musical prowess.

Having wrapped up one leg of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour, the members of BTS are now back in South Korea in time for the 5th Muster, their annual fan meeting, to be held in Seoul and Busan.

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