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Parties, Alcohol and Training: What to Do and What Not to Do?

You want to know the connections between parties alcohol and training: what to do and what not to do? You have come to the right place. Find out now.



Are you in for a party and a drink, but what does this do to your body and has your training been for nothing?

It is possible to drink alcohol and still burn fat with minimal influence on your training. Really! That has to do with the interaction between alcohol and your body.

When you drink alcohol, it is absorbed from your stomach and intestines. On the way to the bloodstream, it goes through your liver and as soon as the alcohol is in your bloodstream, it goes through your liver continuously and it breaks down bit by bit and converts it into acetic acid (acetate). As soon as acetate enters your blood, it inhibits fat burning throughout the body. As a result, your body stores the fatty acids in your blood and that makes alcohol a nasty thickener (the beer belly as the most recognizable result).

“You don’t get fat from alcohol itself”

There is a windfall that we can use. Acetate itself is very difficult to convert into fat by your body. Your liver is far too busy breaking down that acetate to produce fat itself. This way your liver stores less than 5% of the alcohol as fats.

In addition, perhaps very surprising to you, alcohol itself contains no fats at all and very few carbohydrates. That means that you can positively influence the fat-retaining effect of alcohol by ensuring that there is as little fat as possible in your body when you start drinking. Also, you can drink other weight loss drinks at the same time.

Simply Put: Alcohol does not make you fat, although alcohol does contain calories naturally, namely 7 calories per gram, the way your body responds to alcohol causing you to store more fat by drinking alcoholic beverages. Now that you know this, you can do a few things to bypass that annoying effect.

6 Tips to Compensate for the ‘Disadvantages’ of a Night Out with Your Training

  1. Eat as few fats as possible on the day you drink. Then your body has almost nothing to save
  1. Extend the time between your strength training and drinking alcohol. Recent research shows that alcohol is directly related to the reduction of muscle development. So, don’t train just before you go to a party. Plan your workout in the morning or turn it into a day of rest. Do you choose to train ‘the morning after’? Thumbs up for your motivation!
  2. Weight training
  3. We present some tips for when you have parties and still want to train well.
  4. Drink slowly, don’t throw your drinks back at high speed. Your body will suddenly have an energy surplus and will start storing that energy in response.
  5. Eating less before you drink alcohol also works. This way you will be less likely to exceed your daily calorie requirement. You also feel the alcohol faster, so you don’t have to drink so much to get drunk (if you want to get drunk of course.)
  6. Eat lots of carbohydrates and especially proteins before you drink. A full stomach lowers the speed at which the alcohol is absorbed into your blood. A good meal, with lots of slow-digesting proteins and fiber, can halve the damage of alcohol.

7. Choose a glass of wine, champagne or vodka. Other drinks are packed with sugars. Beer contains the most calories (150 per glass).

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Top 5 Reasons to Exercise Daily

The top 5 reasons to exercise daily will motivate you to spend at least 30 minutes of your life every day towards health and fitness.



The benefits of exercising cannot be discussed enough. A good lifestyle is very important for a long life. And, daily exercises are an essential part of a good lifestyle. However, exercising daily is easier said than done. Taking out time for working out sometimes becomes a problem.

So, below we have listed the top 5 reasons to exercise daily. These reasons will motivate you to exercise every day.

Balanced Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a major cause of heart diseases. Most of the people in the world suffer from high blood pressure. If you exercise regularly, the arteries will widen and the blood pressure drops to normal. Therefore, exercising daily is very important for a healthier heart and balanced blood pressure.

Strong Immunity

One of the top 5 reasons to exercise daily is that it strengthens the immune system of the body. Lethargic and inactive people are more susceptible to diseases. However, if you perform some exercises daily, you can build up your immunity and stay fit.

Weight Management

If you want to lose weight, you must definitely work out daily. If you cannot go to the gym, you can perform various outdoor activities such as running, swimming, etc. Daily workout helps reduce extra weight and fat from the body. Excessive weight results in obesity which is a fatal disease.

Body Building

Another one of the top 5 reasons to exercise daily is that it helps build a strong, muscular body. Take it from the most famous bodybuilders of all time; the daily workout is very important if you want to build abs, arms, and thighs. You must perform beginner’s bodybuilding exercises if you are new to bodybuilding. Gradually, you will become your own trainer.

Stress Release

Mental health is as important as physical health. In order to stay mentally healthy, you must stay away from stress and tension. However, in today’s life, it is not easy to lead a stress-free life. Therefore, exercising greatly helps. Yoga and meditation assist you in staying away from stress and keeping your mind sound.

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Strength Training for Women

Strength training for women is very extensive and important. Women need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally strong to meet the world. Here are some tips for physical training.



Weight training? Isn’t that really something for men? Nothing is less true! Women can also benefit greatly and more and more ladies cannot be beaten away from the powerhouse.


Strength training can help you lose weight and get a better body. Hello, solid legs and buttocks!

Training your muscles is essential if you want to lose weight. If you combine this in a schedule with cardio trainingand balanced nutrition, you will have a killer body in no time. Are you not sure how to handle this? Then ask if a personal trainer can help you draw up a nice schedule. Your strength training for women can begin!

The Benefits of Strength Training

With strength training the pounds don’t fly off as fast as with cardio training, that is because you build up muscle mass. This gives you a tighter belly, legs, and buttocks and improves your posture. So, you literally radiate more power and your size does decrease. Strength training also has a positive influence on burning, which means you can burn calories fanatically even at rest. For that layer of fat that you want to get rid of, combining strength with cardio is the perfect solution.

Challenge Yourself!

If you start with strength training, you start at a relatively light level, after which the difficulty level and weight of the exercises slowly increase. This is because it is important to keep challenging your muscles. This way you stimulate your muscles with every training to keep developing. So, it never gets easier, but you get better and better.

The Perfect Approach

Rest is the most important part of effectively training your muscles. Peace? Yes. Take enough time between exercises to recover during training. The amount of rest that you have to take depends on your training goal and the intensity of the exercises. Another important thing to think about is the number of repetitions of an exercise. Do you want more muscle power? Then a maximum of 6 repetitions of each set is sufficient. Do you want to develop muscle mass? 8 to 12 repetitions are then perfect. Improve your muscle condition? Then it is advisable to do more than 12 repetitions. The perfect intensity of an exercise is when it is so heavy that you just manage to

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Effective Diet Plan for Men

An effective diet plan for men is one that lets them stay active and energetic along with enabling weight loss and bodybuilding.



Do you want to build muscle mass or lower your fat percentage? Then a good diet is essential! Many people think that they eat healthily, but in practice, their eating habits do not seem to be completely aligned with their goals and needs. For building muscle mass, a calorie surplus is important, while for dry training you need to get fewer calories than you consume every day. In addition, macros are also important. Have you ever looked critically at the distribution between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats? You see, there is a lot involved with an appropriate eating schedule. Here at FitnessCreek, you will get many blogs and write-ups that will help you to achieve your fitness goal. Stay Updated!

The Right Food for Your Goals

Are you a man hunting for your best body ever? Learn exactly which food fits your body and goals. Five factors are important for the effective feeding schedule and daily diet menu. This way we can ensure that the nutritional advice fits well with your body.

  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Weight
  4. Goal (muscle building/fat burning)
  5. Training frequency

Nutrition Plan Muscle Mass Building

Are you bulging and would you like to build more muscle mass? Then it is important that you eat more daily than your body consumes. By eating above your daily calorie requirement, your body will use the nutrients for muscle building. However, you cannot just eat everything that you feel like. It is important to follow a good distribution between proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. With an effective well-planned diet and eating schedule you learn exactly what you need in a day and you get a perfect example of a daily menu for building muscle mass!

Lower / Cut Fat Percentage

Lower your fat percentage before the summer? When you have a lower fat percentage, your muscle mass comes forward better. Do you want to lose fat? Then it is important that you eat fewer calories per day than you consume. But this does not mean that you can just delete meals. It is especially important for dry training that you get enough good protein, choose the right carbohydrates and focus on the important unsaturated fatty acids. Are you not eating enough? Then you will also lose muscle mass.

Customized Feeding Schedule?

A well-planned nutrition schedule for you gives more insight into what you need to eat to become more muscular, fitter and dryer. The sample day menu is tailored to age, height, weight, and activity level.

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