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How to Stay Fit during Summer

Find out how to stay fit during summer. The summer season gives all of us a hard time. However, we should not let the season affect our fitness.



Well, summer is a season of tanned skin, pimples, dehydration and a lot and a lot of sweat. In the warmer, slower, lazier days of summer, the living may not be swift and smooth. Even adults incline to adopt a “school’s out!” attitude in summer. Therefore this is a perfect time to enhance your health in a fashion so seasonally laid back you’ll hardly even notice the effort.

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Summer is considered as one of the most lethargic seasons but in fact, is it quite easy to stay fit during summers all you need to do is take a few fitness precautions and have a good time.

Here are the tips and tricks on how to stay fit  during summer-:

  • Have a Gala Time

In order to make your workout not feel like work, make it a fun task. Grab some friends and a basketball, football, soccer ball, volleyball – whichever you like and arrange a tussle, or just play the pass. Just like good old childhood days, you’ll be working out, but it’ll just feel like a fun summer afternoon.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep

Repel the urge to stay up later during long summer hours. Instead, focus to get good sleep by keeping the same bedtime and wake-up timetable and avoid drinking alcohol within three hours of bedtime. It’s also advisable to avoid naps during the day unless you take them every day at the same interval, for the same amount of time. it is also considered that a sound sleep will help to keep your mind healthy and stressfree which ultimately results in a healthy body. Isn’t it one of the easiest ways to get a fit body?

  • Swim Your Way to Fitness

Swimming is considered to be one of the best form of cardio and above all its actually quite fun diving in a pool is an obvious choice for escaping the summer heat, and it is also is a great decision when it comes to fitness. In addition to keeping you cool, swimming will help you burn fat and build muscle for that perfectly toned “swimmer’s body.” It is also a terrific option if you’re injured – or for cross training so that you don’t get injured. There are various other forms of fun cardio that one can indulge in such as dancing, aerobics, walking, etc. all these exercises are simple, fun and most importantly highly effective.

  • Drink Water

Stay hydrated! Drinking ample water. Well, whenever the question” how much water should I drink?” strikes your mind then keep in mind that most guidelines recommend about 8-10 glasses a day. Drinking water is important year-round, but in summer it becomes a necessity as we need to refill the water we lose through sweat. Many problems generally linked with heat, including headaches, fatigue, and irritability, are actually signs of dehydration. Water is even more vital when you are physically active as dehydration can often lead to muscle spasm and fatigue.

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  • Don’t Be a Sloth Bear During Vacations

Taking time off work doesn’t mean taking time off exercise and completely ignoring your workout schedule. Whether you’re vacationing on a sultry island or in a big busy city, there are always ways to work and exercise. Take a run on the beach; rent a bike for going from one place to another instead of taking a bus; go for hitchhiking to make sure you’re walking your goal distance each day, or try your hands on a totally new fitness activity like standup paddle boarding. Staying active and energetic will keep you in a better mood for your travels, help shed those extra calories you’re sure to consume and make it much smoother for you to jump back into your normal fitness routine when you are back at your place.

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Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

There are plenty of benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A good lifestyle is important if you want to lead a long, healthy, and disease-free life.



Today’s life has become extremely fast pacing and busy. There is no fixed time-table or schedule for anyone. You never know when work can come and you have to skip your meal, sleep, or resting time to go for it. So, this article is just a reminder for you about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to have a problem to change your living patterns. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are so great that you can always be fit and live a long life if you follow one.

A healthy lifestyle involves:

  1. Performing outdoor activities like running, swimming, etc.
  2. Eating a healthy diet and healthy snacks.
  3. Not indulging too much in alcohol and soft drinks.
  4. Doing Yoga for inner peace.
  5. Working effectively on mental health.
  6. Taking care of skin and hair.
  7. Having a proper sleeping pattern.

Let us now find out the major benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

Weight loss and fitness

We all know that other than physical benefits, there are many psychological benefits of weight loss. It is not just about having a fit body but also about having a healthy and disease-free body. A healthy lifestyle is definitely the key to fitness and weight loss. Perform the exercises for weight loss and eat good weight loss snacks. There are numerous benefits of sound sleep; therefore, a timely sleeping pattern should not be ignored too.

Healthy Heart

People who follow a healthy lifestyle have a relatively healthier and stronger heart. According to Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation, up to 85% of incidents of strokes, attacks, and other heart diseases can be prevented by making some lifestyle changes. Have a good sleep, drink healthy drinks instead of soft drinks and alcohol, drink lots of water, and be active. Eating dry fruits also helps in improving heart health.

Stronger Teeth and Bones

A diet rich in magnesium and calcium is good for strong teeth and bones. If you want to save yourself from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, teeth sensitivity, etc. take the necessary precautions before things go downhill for you. Eat low-fat dairy products. Consume more vegetables, legumes and fish. Nuts and seeds are loaded with magnesium.

Good mood

An active lifestyle and a good diet are essential for a happy and calm mood. Many researchers have found that apart from mental issues, lethargic life and poor eating and drinking habits also affect the overall mood and behavior of an individual. These factors are also responsible for stress and depression. A good diet also improves memory. However, if you feel depressed too much, seek medical help at once.

Lower Risks of Health Disorders

If you have a disciplined pattern of life, your immunity enhances. You are able to fight against all the disease causing foreign substances that enter your body. Having a good lifestyle saves you from getting sick. Many diseases such as jaundice, flu, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. can be avoided or controlled with a good and active life.

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Training On Vacation

If you want to know how can you continue training on vacation, you have come to the right place. For long-term fitness, it is important to train daily.



The holiday is just around the corner! Super fun, but drinking a week at the Spanish Costa del Sol or all-inclusive to Greece is killing for your figure. Do you want to keep your body in top condition when traveling? You can also train on vacation. So do not only pack your summer clothing, but also bring your sports clothing and training schedule for a workout on holiday!


The holiday is just around the corner! Super fun, but drinking a week is killing for your figure. Do you want to keep your body in top condition when traveling? You can also train on vacation. So do not only pack your summer clothing, but also bring your sports clothing and training schedule for a workout on holiday!

Training Without A Gym

You cannot, of course, take your favourite Basic-Fit club on holiday. But that does not mean that a workout while traveling is impossible. You can also do both strength training and cardio fitness exercises outside the gym. For example, you can train with your own body weight. With a training schedule in which you do sit-ups, push-ups, planking, and squats for half an hour three times a week, you keep your body in good shape. The Basic-Fit app contains a lot of schedules and exercises so plenty of inspiration! Do you prefer cardio training? You can run almost anywhere and be your own trainer. Keep in mind the heat at your holiday address. For example, go for a walk early in the morning and bring a bottle of water to prevent it from drying out.

Visit a Fitness Club at Your Holiday Address

What you can of course do is look for a gym at your holiday address. Many hotels and resorts offer sports facilities. But of course, you can also go to a local gym. Many gyms receive tourists with open arms. And it is also a nice way to meet locals. Are you going to Spain, France, Luxembourg or Belgium? Then check if there is a Basic-Fit club at your holiday address in the area! With your sports pass, you can train at all clubs in all countries.

Also, Pay Attention to Your Diet on Vacation

It is a bummer, but if you do not want to arrive on holiday, we advise you not only to continue your training but also to watch your diet. For example, drink a glass of water with your meal instead of that nice beer or wine. Also think of eating enough proteins, fruit, and vegetables. And … try to restrain yourself at the dessert buffet!

Or … Choose to Just Have A Real Vacation

If you do not exercise for one or two weeks, you will not immediately lose all of your newly built muscle mass or condition. In fact, a short rest period can even be good for your body to recover from weeks or months of intensive (strength) training. Because of this, you will notice that – if you pick up training again after the holidays – you will be much fitter and the training could go very well. Your muscles are stimulated again and want to develop.

Happy Holidays!

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

The health benefits of drinking water are many. If you want to have a fit and healthy body along with glowing skin, drink plenty of water.



Water is used by body in all its tissues, cells, and organs which helps in regulating body temperature and maintaining other body functions. There are numerous health benefits of drinking water. Our body loses water in the form of sweat and urine. So, it is very important to keep the body hydrated.


Water helps in breaking down food so that your body can absorb nutrients. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before having a meal and drink a glass of water an hour after the meal. It will help in the absorption of nutrients. Drink lots of water as it keeps the body hydrated, makes your stool soft and helps it to pass easily preventing constipation. It precludes infection in urinary tract and also avoids kidney stone.


Cartilage contains 80% water. If we keep our body dehydrated, it will lead to joint pain. The synovial fluid is mainly made up of water which helps in lubrication of the joints. Water keeps joints and tissues healthy and lubricated. Hence, if you want to be able to walk and run throughout your life, you must drink plenty of water. Also, replace the soft drinks with healthy drinks to retain the strength of your joints.


Water boosts metabolism which helps in cleaning body waste. It helps in digestion of food which burn calories .Water is an appetite suppressant. Drinking it before meal makes you feel fuller; thus, reducing the amount of food you eat. If you want to lose weight quick, focus on outdoor exercises and eat a weight loss diet.


Your body loses water in the form of sweat and urine so, it is very important to keep it hydrated to maintain body temperature. Water has the capacity to regulate internal as well as external temperature of the body. On average we lose 450 ml of water every day. While exercising we lose more water by sweating so, it is very essential to drink water during or after exercise


If we keep our body dehydrated, it will result in skin wrinkling, skin disorder and even skin degeneration. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day; it will make your skin look healthier and younger. Water helps open the oil pores of the skin; therefore, your skin is neither too oily nor too dry.

The health benefits of drinking water are many. Therefore, you must drink plenty of water for overall fitness.

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