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Best Fitness and Weight Loss Apps and Gadgets



Mobile phones are evolving and getting better every day. But are you making the most out of your smartphone? Have you ever considered the role of a smartphone in helping you with quick weight loss?

Just think about it! You always have your smartphone with you so why don’t use it to get fit? You can listen to music while working out. It definitely makes exercising easier and more enjoyable. But there is more to it.

Smartphones, today, have many apps which are greatly effective and let you know the tips and tricks on how to lose weight fast. Moreover, these apps work just like your personal gym trainer. You can download the free apps on your smartphones and save the money you were going to spend on a high priced trainer.

Let’s find out the best free fitness tracker and apps that will help us stay fit and active for a long time.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Available for: Android and iOS

This great app tracks your routes and records your run. It is specially designed for bikers, joggers, and runners. You can browse your workout history view your track on Google Maps view. The paid version integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media handles so you can share your growth with friends. The upgraded version has pedometers and heart rate sensors too.


Available for: Android and iOS

If the gym is your temple, JEFIT must be a ritual in your life. A true gym-freak needs just this amazing app for total fitness. There are over hundreds of exercises that you can select from an anatomical map. The exercises are packed in extreme, super-sets, and basic workout packages. You can also record your photos and witness the changes taking place in your body every day.


Available for: Android and iOS

If you love personal training, you will love this app. Aaptiv is not just an app. It is an in-ear personal fitness train who will help, guide, and instruct you and take your fitness routine to a whole new level. The app has more than 2,500 audio workout sessions, 15+ personal trainers, and a lot more. You can get new workout courses every week. Download it and save the money you were going to spend on a personal trainer.


Available for: Android and iOS

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie counter apps. It has a wide database with hundreds of health products and healthy dishes. The app has a counting feature which allows you to set your daily progress in both numeric and graphical form.

Moreover, you can also create your own recipes or import the ones from the app to your mobile.


Available for: Android and iOS

This is one amazing app with thousands of features. There are millions of users of this app all across the globe including investor and philanthropist Richard Branson

Headspace is great for beginners as has many simple yet effective exercises. Once you subscribe to the app, you can unlock many next level versions of workout and meditation.

Install these amazing apps in your smartphone and make achieving fitness more exciting and easier.

Apart from Fitness tracker & Apps, there are many Gadgets in the market that help in maintaining health and having a healthy diet plan.

In this article, we will tell you about the best fitness gadgets of the year 2018.

Mark One Pryme Vessyl

This gadget is a hydration cup which tracks your water consumption and informs you about various milestones through reminders and notifications. Staying hydrated is very important for overall fitness.

The Pryme Vessyl tracks your water intake. Once you fill the cup, it keeps a record of your consumption.

Skulpt Scanner

Skulpt is a wonderful body fat tracker. It measures body fat % in more than 24 different parts and areas of the body. It also provides an in-depth muscle analysis.

Moreover, you also get many exercise tips and health plans for bodybuilding and fat reduction.

If you are into strength training, this tracker is just the right thing for you.

ZJChao Smart Fitness Scale

This is one of the smartest gym gadgets without a doubt. You must be weighed yourself on digital or mechanical weighing scales many times but did you ever thought of a weighing scale which can also calculate your BMI?

This smart fitness scale is highly advanced. It not only calculates your weight but you can also check your BMI. Moreover, when you connect it to your mobile, you can also measure your water weight, bone mass, muscle mass, and visceral fat.
The app works on both Ios and Android.

Keep this amazing device in your house and your entire family stays healthy!

Athos Smart Clothes

We know all about the trending fitness bands, smartwatches, and wristwears but why need them when you can simply wear sensors embedded clothes?

Athos Smart Clothing line offers various garments such as leggings, shirts, and shorts which include fitness sensors. These sensors track your heart rate, biometric data, calories burned, muscle activity, active time, and a lot more.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

When your entire body is equipped with the smartest techs, why leave your feet behind? Get these brand new, hi-tech smart shoes and get going!

These shoes automatically tighten themselves. They keep your feet comfortably warm.

Once you sync them with your smartphone you can track your calories, heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, etc. just like a fitness band.

Apart from excellent gadgets, you need dedication, determination, and hard work to achieve your desirable body goals.

If bodybuilding is an endgame for you, check out our muscle gain products and if you want to lose weight fast and lose weight naturally, buy Phenq or Garcinia Cambogia. All these products are naturally made, tried and tested, and totally safe for use.

A little extra help from these weight loss pills or bodybuilding supplements will let you enhance your performance and get quicker and better results without any horrible side effects.

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Fitness Secret of the Royal Brides- Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle



You’d think that with their apparently persistent schedules, the Royal brides would barely have few minutes to themselves each day. However, as it turns out, our favorite princess and queens are no strangers to staying amazingly good looking and fabulously fit, dedicating their downtime to health and fitness.

And people think it’s fair to assume that monarchs gear up for their history-making day just by sweating out their pre-wedding stress. Obsessed with the fitness and lifestyle of Royals? Go through this article.

Meghan Markle

Workout secret: Vinyasa yoga

As we all know, before meeting Prince Harry, Miss Markle played Rachel Zane on Suits (all seasons). During shooting for the show, Meghan did some intense fitness workouts to stay in shape – a little more than a regular sporadic morning run. The former star and leading lady of Suits are almost as famous for her alluring figure as she is for her love life, and it is all down to yoga.

“My mother was a yoga instructor so that yoga and fitness practice is in my blood,” she always says during interviews. “I love intense Vinyasa Yoga classes – and even better if it is booming hip-hop and done in a dim-light room with (especially candlelight).”

Diet and Fitness Secrets from Suits’ Meghan Markle

Following are the tools that keep Meghan fit and fabulous.

  1. Yoga
  2. Running
  3. Avoiding foods that make her feel sluggish
  4. Not depriving herself of the things she loves
  5. Self-motivation
  6. Making time to relax
  7. Drinking green juices
  8. Home cooking
  9. Drinking – but within reason

There are numerous mental and physical benefits to yoga and she truly believes in the power of it. Not only she does the discipline work to reduce insomnia and relax the body, but it also increases the core strength and flexibility.

As the stretches focus on different areas and parts of the body, it is possible to use Yoga regime to tone up any areas you are self-conscious about.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, The Royal Duchess has the magnetic smile and perfectly toned figure — and many of us wonder how the Duchess gets such terrific body.

Like in real life, such physique doesn’t just come easily and naturally, and, it takes a lot of dedication and focused hard work! Kate keeps her funda very simple yet effective i.e. “Sweat to Stay Young”.

Not only Kate does care for her 3 children and attend to her royal needs, but the Duchess also manages to stay fit, fine, fabulous and in excellent shape while doing it. It is no secret that the royal loves to work-out — and she, indeed, eats a healthy diet, too. But how exactly does Kate manage to keep such a graceful physique along with taking care of business? She makes her health and fitness as big of a priority as anything.

Here are all of Kate’s workout secrets, including how the royal lady maintains her washboard abs.

  1. She’s a huge fan of CrossFit and HIIT workouts
  2. Kate also engages in skiing, swimming, and other sports
  3. For her abs, she swears by the plank
  4. She does yoga in between the exercises
  5. The real secret to flat abs: Her diet
  6. Four-stage Dukan diet consisting of- attack, cruise, consolidation, and stabilization
  7. Breakfast with lean meats, seafood and lots of vegetables

To complement their fitness routine, both Meghan and Kate follows a healthy diet that starts with a nutritious breakfast with salads, fruit, lean meats, and smoothies along with fresh herbs and toast.

If you too want to have a body like these monarchs, rest your mind and begin to focus on your health. It will allow you to truly cherish the gift of nature “Your Body”.

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What is Ronaldo’s fitness secret?



Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro born on 5 February 1985 is a Portuguese skilled footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus and is the caption of Portugal national team. Often regarded as the best player in the world and termed by many as one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo has a record-tying five Ballon d’Or awards, known as one of the most for a European player, and in fact, he is the first player to win four European Golden Shoes.

Apart from football, the 30-year-old Portuguese player has a massive love for fitness, which blended with his crazy work ethic has produced his extraordinarily athletic physique. Albeit, his body is leaner than a usual fitness model or bodybuilder, it is still worthy to be stunned at or aspire to. Apart from long and intense team practices and footwork training, Cristiano lays emphasis on improving his strength, endurance, pace, and functional movements

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan-:

Even if you have a proficient workout routine, it will not work well unless you club it with a proper diet routine. The Real Madrid forward is very well aware of this fact and he pays a lot of attention to the kind of food he takes.

Didn’t you always want to know the celebrity workouts and diets plans? Well then here we are with the diet plan of Cristiano Ronaldo-:


  • Meal occurrence: The daily food intake is allocated into six smaller meals separated by a period of 2-4 hours. This helps to regulate his body’s metabolism
  • Proper protein intake in diet: Ronaldo’s diet consists of plenty of lean meat as high protein intake is crucial for muscle repair and strength.
  • Supplements for revival; supplements such as protein shakes, joint supplements, multi-vitamins help to recover strength and stamina.
  • Vegetables are a must: Since vegetables have lots of minerals and vitamins, they are needed for recovery
  • Avoid sugar intake: Foods and drinks with higher sugar content cause accretion of fat and slacken
  • Hydration is necessary, too – “drinking water is so vital,” Ronaldo affirms – but one of the sacrifices he makes in order to keep his body in top condition is avoiding alcohol.

Ronaldo’s diet is a bit different from other celebrity workouts and diets and that’s what makes his physique different too.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout routine-:

Cristiano is a skilled athlete who is guided by expert dieticians and fitness coaches and his trainers are amongst top celebrity fitness trainers. Ever since his playing career in Manchester United, his body has endured a major transformation. In order to achieve a fat-free athletic body, he has worked really hard in both the training grounds and gym. His daily workout routine is as follows:

  • Regular practice for three to four hours assuring a low-fat level (less than 10 percent per day).
  • Cardio exercises consisting of several running sessions, each lasting for at least 25-30 minutes.
  • Performing short interval exercises such as high intensity sprinting drills
  • Technical drills for enhancing ball control and skills
  • Tactical exercises to connect or communicate better with other teammates
  • Training in the gym for the enrichment of specific muscles, as also for boosting total body strength.
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As soon as we type weight loss into our search engines, we are bombarded with around 100 million results.



As soon as we type weight loss into our search engines, we are bombarded with around 100 million results. In these results, the top priority is associated with the dietary supplements. These can range from pills to powders to body shaper dresses. All of them claiming to lose around 2-3 inches in a week or within a few minutes in case of shaper dresses.

But do you remember a leading energy drink’s tagline a few years back was something like “There is no shortcut to success”. It is true, a tried and tested formula for each one of us who has dared to write a singleton exam. This does not mean that I am trying to say that toiling hard in the gymnasium or a park for hours is the only mantra, of course, it has a very important role but there are many more aspects along with it.

It is said that ‘you are what you eat!’ Don’t believe me? But have you ever tried that minuscule pill from the drugstore for your nasal congestion last winters? Didn’t it force you to bed early that day? Well! The answer is simple enough for us to believe that if a small pill can bring a forced sleep within minutes then what effect would that bowl full biryani might have had on our body?

Do not lose hope, let us help you to be Fit from Fat.


Hollywood is the origin of our fitness demigods and goddesses. You must have acknowledged the drastic transformation of Christian Bale your favourite BATMAN, Oprah Winfrey, Jared Leto. Though, Oprah Winfrey has disclosed that she would never be on diet from now onwards due to her medical conditions. Fitness is not about shedding weight, you may even retain your previous weight and stay fit by toning up your muscles with the help of exercises. Everyone has a different body type; it is quintessential to understand. Being fit is most important.

Points to Ponder

Lifestyle: -C’mon! keep it moving. You have to come out of your sedentary lifestyle. Sitting or lying all day on your couch and just ogling those spandex covered models on your gadget wouldn’t help you be fit. You and only you can kick those extra kilos off once you start indulging in some physical activities.

The order is a big NO NO: – Please feed those home-delivery pamphlets from your favourite restaurants to the paper shredder machine. Instead buy a cookbook if you don’t know how to cook and once you learn, trust me! There is no satisfaction greater than cooking yourself and devouring it. As you cook, you will be aware of your likes and dislikes and the meal can easily be prepared with less Amount of fat which can add on to your journey to fitness.

Platter size: – Ah! Yes, that big dining silverware you bought recently can wait inside the cupboard for a few months until some relatives or friends come over for dinner or lunch to your place. Until then, please try and use comparatively smaller platters and bowls while serving for yourself. The constant dietary watch can help you take baby steps towards your goal.

Endorphins: – Endorphins are basically happy hormones secreted by your brain while performing some physical activity. In this entire journey, it is very important to feel good about yourself to keep yourself motivated. That can easily be achieved by a little 20- 30 min cardio workout at least 5 days a week.

Calories: – Please consult a dietician and designate the amount of calorie intake your body needs for its proper functioning. As stated earlier everyone has a different body type so the body food intake is different too.

Breakfast is a must: – Remember skipping a meal is not a permanent solution to your quest. Moreover, Breakfast is the most important meal of the entire day, as it says BREAKFAST i.e. the body has been fasting for quite a few hours and we need to break it. Make sure you inculcate a habit of healthy breakfast every day.

Pantry overhaul: – We know you love your pantry. After all, you have so skilfully arranged it over years of spending money and time. But it is time to bid adieu to your everyday mindless munching and explicating to finish all those chocolate and strawberry sauce bottles. Please get rid of all the unhealthy food as soon as possible and stack your shelves with more grains, fibre, and proteins.
We hope these small changes in your lifestyle can bring about big changes in the way you look! Count on the baby steps and collect once they mature. The fruits of your hard work will pay off in the long run.

All you have to do is come out of your comfort zone and not over- exert yourself beyond your limits. If you will be fit, you will feel good and get motivated to maintain it.

All the exercise is good, but having a healthy, balanced and timely diet is another foremost feature of being fit. Yes, not being overweight is considered to be fit by majority and that seems to be true by some logic. The main crux of this entire discussion is the same that you need to be fit and being overweight and accumulated fat in your body does not make you look and feel fit. There definitely has to be some reason for why people do not want a belly pot and sagging arms . These traits do not let us feel all that comfortable in a space full of fit people. Diet constitutes of a major part of your fitness regime. Eating many small diets and that too in a timely fashion without being overindulgent is not a kid’s task. I am not saying that we are all kids but the fact when hunger cravings emerge how much and how soon does not even cross our minds for a second and that is the time when we lose that track to being fit. Daily exercising in a gym and that too for a minimum of 60 minutes without overindulgent diet and food choices is not an easy task. I can relate to most of you who are facing this issue and what you need here is something that does something to you that you do not feel over hungry. Yes, what we need is an appetite suppressant. Something that reduces our appetite and makes sure that we eat only as much as we our body needs and not what our mind asks. Mind cannot be controlled so easily but body sure can be. So if we have hunger of only 5-6 teaspoons we won’t overeat as our body won’t allow it. So what do we do ? My study over time has brought me to a product that does exactly what I said above.It suppresses our appetite and also help in cutting fat with a very little home based physical activity. I won’t ask you to buy it but yes you can read and fell it’s potency in helping you lose that stubborn fat on your belly and sides and triceps. Just click here and get to know how so many people changed their lives with no expensive equipment or sweating in the gym for hours. You can also read their reviews here and see for yourself.

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