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Best Gym Machines for Home



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Who doesn’t wants a fit body with well-toned muscles? But to get that kind of physique you need to do some physical work and we often relate physical work to gyming but honestly, not all of us has the time to go to the gym regularly and in fact, there are many who prefer to work out in isolation for better concentration and results.

Well if you are one of that kind who prefers to work out in solitude or you don’t have the time to hit the gym then don’t worry as bodybuilding, weight lifting and fitness don’t really require a gym membership.

Here are some of the best gym machines that you can bring home and get the body you always wanted. With these machines, you can become your own trainer.

  1. Power cage-: If you have enough space one of these bad boys, then get it. Your home gym should be centered around the archetypical power cage, which allows you to do the three pillars of conditioning and strength workouts including Bench press, deadlift, and barbell squat.

Where to get it? You can get a classic power cage anywhere online or even at gym equipment stores. It would be better if you take an expert along with you.

Find out how Ronaldo stays fit!!

  1. Small barbell-: if in case you are running short of space for a huge treadmill or power cage, check out this smaller option. It’s 6 feet long and weighs about 15 kg (33 lbs.), so it won’t occupy as much space as the standard sizing — but it can hold up to 700 lbs. so your work won’t be restricted by its stature.

Where to get it? Small barbells are easily available online at attractive prices although, it is advisable to check the specifications and compare on different sites.

  1. Power Tower-: This is again a less space occupying yet extremely effective equipment, you can pick up a more neat option for pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and all the other workouts you can pull off from a hanging position.

Where to get it? Available at Stores and online as well.

  1. Heavy bag-: If outdoor cardio isn’t really your thing, this punching bag is a terrific alternative for burning fat while building explosive stamina and speed. With the included gloves and wraps, you’ll be all set to rumble right away.

Where to get it? Heavy bags are available in almost every sports or gym store and even you can easily buy them online.

  1. Kettlebells-: Kettlebells are multifunctional gym tools. They are outstanding additions to your cardiovascular and strength training workout sessions. Along with enhancing the flexibility of your body, these home fitness equipment assists you in shaping your arms, thighs, as well as the core.

Where to get them? Kettlebells, again are easily available both online and in stores although it is advisable to buy them from stores in order to be sure about the weight accuracy and if you are purchasing it online then go for a trusted brand.

  1. Battle rope-: dare yourself to make your cardio even tougher at home with these raw and ripped battle ropes. Perform slams, waves, and other core workouts but you will need a strong anchor and plenty of room for this one.

Where to get them? Easily available anywhere and very beneficial.

You can find the best fitness and weight loss apps here to stay fit!

It is quite evident that even if you follow the best diet plans for weight loss, the results won’t be as great as you except if you pay little to no attention to physical activity. Physical exercise along with a good diet plan is very crucial for a healthy lifestyle. This equipment will make sure that your workout at home is fully functional.

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Top 10 exercises for arms and thighs building



Who doesn’t want to get a chiselled body with perfectly shaped arms and legs? Well, everyone, I guess.Many people spend hours in the gym they even work out twice a day in order to attain their ideal body type. But performing exercises such as lifting weights won’t pave a path for you to attain that perfect body. There are some certain exercises that one need to perform in order to get the desired arms and legs. One need to know how to allocate their workout regime and work separately on arms and legs. A mélange of exercise could lead to a total mess.
The amount of muscle called into play is perilous on leg day because there are so many great muscle groups involved: the glutes (3 muscles), quads (4 muscles), hamstrings (3 muscles), and calves (2muscles). And this list doesn’t even include stabilizer muscles that are also engaged in many multi joint movements!

Here are 5 best leg workout to build thigh muscles:

1 Olympic lifts-: actions like snatches and power clean take some serious devotions and technique to master, but they can be unrivaled when you are trying to enhance jumping power or squat strength. Olympic lifts are considered to one of the best weight lifting exercises but these exercises require complete concentration on technique and body posture.

2 Squat-: Squats are a magnum opus in itself! It works on your whole body and works on almost every possible part. But did you know that they are amazing thigh exercises? This is because they’re simply the most challenging leg movement you can do, especially when performed appropriately. In fact, we even know that squatting before doing curls has been shown to majorly enhance arm strength. doing squats later in your workout means your quads will be already quite tired, so you’ll definitely sacrifice some weight. Find out how to become your trainer.

3 Bulgarian split squats: This one is speciously difficult, partly because of balance and partly because you train only one side at a time. The Bulgarian split squat is basically a split squat, but your rear leg is raised, which compels the front leg to pick up more of the workload.

4 Dumbbell lunges: Like all the exercises listed hitherto, multijoint lunges need hip and knee extension, which gives you the impetus for the thighs and glutes. They can be done standing in place, or going forward or backwards it is totally your call that which subtle variation you prefer. Dumbbell lunges are considered to be an amazing dumbbell workout as they also strengthen your lower abs.

5 Leg press-: For those of you wishing leg presses could replace squats in your leg workout, the difference between the two movements can’t be overstated. Because the leg press involves less muscle mass than squats, it simply doesn’t create the same degree of testosterone release. Nor is the body posture here particularly functional, unless your log cabin dissolves and your only way out is pushing the timber forward.

Top 5 exercises for arm workout for mass-:

1 Diamond press up-:
How to do it? laze on the floor with your body straight and make a diamond shape with your hands. Lower your body down till your chest is almost in contact with the floor. And then press back your body to the starting position, clutching your triceps and chest at the same time.

2. Incline bicep curls:
How to do it? Sit on a slant bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand at arm’s length. Use your biceps to roll the dumbbell until it reaches your shoulder, then curl them back down to your side and repeat.

3. Javelin press-:
How to do it? Grip an EZ bar in your right hand right above your shoulder. Extend your arm and push the bar above you, then bring it back down to your shoulder and repeat.

4. Underhand seated row-:
How to do it? Bow your knees and hold the bar with a light grip, shoulder-width apart. Lean back slightly, your back should be straight, then use your back muscle to bring the bar towards your belly button. Return the bar to starting position and repeat the whole step.

5. Tate press-:
How to do it? Lie on a bench and hold two dumbbells straight above your shoulders. Slowly bend your elbows to bring the dumbbells to your chest, so your palms face outwards and the dumbbells point towards the ceiling. Hold up the dumbbells back to starting position and repeat.

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Be Your Own Trainer at the Gym



Unable to reduce weight even after long hours of vigorous gymming every day? We have a solution to your confusion!Mrs. Parkis was depressed because of her heavy body and tires. She heard about a new gym nearby and headed towards it at once. It has been a while since she has been working out dedicatedly but the results are far away from her expectations. Well, this is not the case of one Mrs. Parkis. Every man or woman who goes to the gym expects to get in shape in a less and limited time. However, most of them get dejected and disgusted with the slow outcome. Let’s find the reasons of this low and slow result.

Everyone who goes to the gym works out with great efforts and hard work. It is not that you are not giving your 100% to exercises but what you really do and how you do it in the gym is what really matters. A majority of the people are unaware of the perfect workout technique and are, thus, unsuccessful in losing weight.

The following steps will help you out in working out in a better and more effective way:-

1. More of aerobic cardio, less of strength

If you want to burn calories, you have to perform a lot of aerobic cardio. Aerobic cardio burns your fat and calories and makes you slim. On the other hand, strength or weight lifting helps you in toning and shaping your muscles that become lose after you shed those extra calories and fat. Therefore, devote 60% of your time at the gym to aerobic cardio and 40% to strength and weight lifting.

2. Work Real

The most important thing to keep in mind during a workout is to work till you shit bricks. You need to perform an exercise, say lunges, till you begin to feel the burning sensation in your thighs. It does not mean that you have to focus on one exercise only, rather, continue the same exercise until you feel worn out and completely exhausted.  When you get that burning sensation in the part of the body that is made to work out, you reach your anaerobic threshold, that is, you have reached your farthest limit of exhausting that particular part. When you reach this stage, you burn calories at a faster rate.

3. Switch muscle groups but not body parts

Another major point to ponder upon is that you should try to focus on one body part at a time. For an instance, go for leg exercises one day and arms and hands the other day. If you are going for leg today you may switch between the various muscle groups.  If you get exhausted doing lunges, switch to squats and then to box jumps.  You can begin with the first set of exercises once again when that muscle gets recharged for some more hard work.  Don’t forget that toning and not torturing is your aim at the gym.

4. Don’t cheat at the gym

Don’t waste your valuable (read very precious) time at the gym. Bathroom breaks, phone calls, and other reasons are ways by which you cheat yourself. Washroom calls cannot be left unattended so try to cut short the time spent in the toilet. Don’t chit- chat with other people on your way or waste time in washing or cleaning your face unnecessarily. You can set your cell phone on the DND mode or simply switch it off for some time.  Spending time in such activities will waste your time and money. Moreover, it will result in your heart rate getting back to normal. This means that when you will resume your exercises, a lot of time will be utilized in increasing your pulse rates. The burning of calories will take place after that.

Keep these things in mind and you will reduce weight in a very less than expected time.

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Arm Muscle Building for Women and Men



We all have our Leg Days and Arm Days at the gym. The normal conception is that on a particular day, we work upon that specific body part only. But is that enough?

To be precise, our arms constitute two main muscle groups- biceps and triceps. Since you want to build your arms, you need to cover every aspect of arm muscle gains.

Learn the Anatomy of Arms

The muscles in the front part of the upper arm are called biceps. They are engaged through a motion known as elbow flexion. This is done by bending the elbow; thus, decreasing the angle between the upper arm and forearm.

The triceps are divided into three parts. The back of the upper arms constitutes the triceps. This section of the arm is worked upon by performing elbow extension which is the opposite of flexion. In simpler words, triceps are worked up with straightened arms.

Now you know that in order to get toned arms, you need to work in two different ways.

Decide the Right Exercises

After studying the anatomy of arms, you are sufficiently physical literate. We believe that with a little bit of extra knowledge, you can choose the right exercises but in case you need some assistance, here is a list of exercises that you can perform to tone your arms and give them a better shape:

  1. Dips
  2. Barbell curls
  3. Triceps Kickbacks
  4. Dumbbell incline curls
  5. Triceps pushdowns
  6. Twist curls

There are many bodybuilding tips which can make your bodybuilding program interesting and enjoyable. Look out for such bodybuilding workouts in our other blogs.

Work Upon Your Entire Body

Secret Tip: Heavy lifting for arms boosts growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body. This increase helps you build and shape muscles throughout your whole body.

Therefore, you must make certain that you make the most out of this time and work upon your overall bodybuilding. To maximize the effect, work upon the muscles and multiple joints at the same time.

Include the following exercises in your workout routine:

  1. Bench press
  2. Military press
  3. Back rows
  4. Pull-ups

Give Rest to Your Arms 

Agreed, that in order to build arms, they are needed to be worked upon a lot. But if you keep on pressurizing your arms and hands without giving them rest, it might result in serious injury or muscle rupture.

The best way to work your arms is by doing it on alternate days. The break will give your muscles time to heal and gain strength. However, if you feel immense soreness or fatigue, take one more day off from arms. Your bodybuilding workout plan should be both intense and relaxing. With the right plan and healthy bodybuilding foods, you can achieve your desired results sooner than expected.

Muscle Building Workouts for Women

Women contain lesser fat in the upper back and shoulder region than in the rest of the body. Therefore, it is easier to learn how to gain muscle mass fast in females.

Perform the following exercises and take the right muscle building supplements to get toned arms:

  1. Reverse fly
  2. Biceps curl
  3. Dumbbell cross jab
  4. Triceps extension
  5. Plank
  6. Push-ups

Muscle Gain Workouts for Men

Men need big and bulky arms. If you want to know how to build muscle fast with the correct exercises and muscle building food supplements, perform the following workout routine:

  1. Inclined bicep curls
  2. Javelin press
  3. Tate press
  4. Barbell bicep curls
  5. Dumbbell alternate curls
  6. Plank
  7. Push-ups
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