Health Benefits of Drinking Floral Teas

Health Benefits of Drinking Floral Teas

In this age, flowers are no longer only centerpieces used to liven up space. Moving beyond the decorative purposes, these artful flowers also possess the healing qualities which can help with the various ailments. One of the finest ways to consume flowers is by enjoying their flavor in a cup of tea and feel the aroma in your mouth and mind. Before you start soaking your lilies in hot boiled water, please do note that not every flower is edible or for that matter, edible. Below, we have rounded up 4 amazingly delicious and beneficial flowering teas that not just brew a fragrant, but lend your body with a healthy boost.

Rose tea – it is well known that roses have the most wonderful & amazing scent and an impressive presence, however very few are aware of the wonderful benefits it gives. Rose tea helps in improving the digestion, risen up the energy levels, boost metabolism, refreshes your mood, and helps your body to burn more calories. A cup of rose tea twice a day is perfect for the people who are looking to cut some body fat and shed some weight.

White jasmine tea - One reason white jasmine tea is so popular is because of its several health benefits that come from the nutritious elements in the natural tea buds themselves. It contains antioxidants that have a wide range of beneficial effects on your body.

The health benefits of white jasmine tea include a stronger immune system, the prevention of diabetes and reduced risk of heart attacks. It also helps to prevent cancer, reducing stress, lowering cholesterol and improving digestive processes.

Chrysanthemum tea – Tea made up of Chrysanthemum flowers has been drunk for more than 4000 years. It helps to stabilize the blood pressure, strengthen the body and improve vitality.  Thanks to its bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. People suffering from inflammatory conditions or infectious will find this Chrysanthemum tea especially useful.

Red lily – Small, dark and seemingly unattractive dried buds and petals of red lilies possess a large range of beneficial properties to eradicate various health issues. It is believed that red lily’s tea can prevent from cold and cough. When in cold, sip on a hot red lily tea will remove the initial chill. It will warm you up and boost your energy level. It creates the inner warmth its refined fragrance has a calming effect on the stressed minds.

Lavender tea- Lavender being used in cloth sachets, potpourri, shampoos, and soaps, it is also prepared as a lip smacking tea that has traditionally been used for the medicinal purposes. Inducing relaxation is traditional to use of lavender tea, mainly because of its soothing aroma. Another beneficial use of the tea is for digestive issue relief that includes nervous stomach & indigestion.

Osmanthus - China is the homeland of the Osmanthus flower. The most common species of osmanthus flower can be found in tropical areas of several Asian countries. It is actively used in cooking and medicine. Osmanthus tea charges the body with vigor and energy, and can also be used for the prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. This tea has a pronounced antiseptic and anti-sclerotic effect.

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