Romantic Flowers and Their Meanings

Romantic Flowers and Their Meanings

A bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one. Besides from being aesthetically beautiful, every flower has a different meaning and different value. So, if you’re considering buying some florets as a romantic gesture, you need to know their true meaning before you purchase.

Yellow Acacia - This beautiful flower signifies the value of real friendship. It also indicates secret love. Yellow Acacia is an ideal gift to give anyone you care about. If you are looking for sweet romantic flowers, simply add few yellow Acacia to a bouquet.

Gilly Flower – This flower symbolizes the lasting beauty. It refers to a symbol of happy and prosperous life. If you are looking for a floret that boasted a mesmerizing scented fragrance, Gilly flower is a perfect option.

Blue Violet – These hot-hued, beautiful flowers are said to represent loyalty and trustworthiness. It symbolizes affection, intuition, love and faith. If you are looking for a romantic floral gift, a bouquet of Blue Violets is a wonderful choice.

Yellow Daffodil – Yellow Daffodil represents charm and new beginnings. This flower refers to as a symbol of good luck and future success. If you want to wish someone good luck for their coming future, the Yellow Daffodil is undoubtedly a perfect gift to give.

Sweet Alyssum – Sweet Alyssum is an enjoyable flower that boasts a mesmerizing fragrance and serene, spiritual energy that is said to provide an emotional balance in the office or home. Besides symbolizing beauty and love, this flower is said to protect you from heated encounters.

Blue Salvia – This flower is linked to healing. Blue Salvia represents wisdom, good health, and long life. It symbolized the wish of a speedy recovery. It is common for the people recovering from an illness to receive this bloom.

Forget-Me-Not or Scorpion Grasses – Forge-me-not is a perfect choice to gift to a loved one. It implies true love, and just as the name suggests, these flowers are given in the hope they (sender) will never be forgotten. Many people believe Forge-me-not to signify an authentic love packed with memories.

White Lilac – White Lilac is a beautiful choice for the bouquet and boasts a mesmerizing and appealing fragrance. The color of Lilac represents the actual meaning of flower- youthful innocence and purity.

Gardenia – Gardenia are romantic flowers usually gifted to the person experiencing a secret love and affection. It can be gifted to them who are close to you and you truly care about them.

White Dittany – White Dittany is a white colored flower symbolizes the feelings of passion and love. Whether you are looking for a bouquet for a birthday, romantic blooms for Valentine’s Day or just wanted to show someone that you really care for them, Dittany is a favored choice.     

Jasmine – This supremely perfumed flower represents love, modesty, and sensuality that makes jasmine an extremely lovely and romantic flower. This beautiful flower signifies nobility, grace, aristocracy, and elegance.

White Clover – This beautiful flower suggests the feeling of vitality. It is conventionally given to the person who needs wishes and good luck.

Cherry Blossom – Cherry blossom is a picture perfect flower that signifies the sanctity and boasts cultural roots in some Asian countries like China and Japan. It portrays the femininity and the nature of life.

Azalea – Azalea is an aesthetically beautiful flower. These florets are a great attraction to any bouquet and known to as perfect romantic flowers. These beautiful blossoms depict femininity and are often given to a partner or loved one as a gift to show your love.

Angelica – Gifting a bouquet packed with beautiful Angelica to your dear ones is said to boost the feeling of creativeness. These florets are a great option to gift to those who have a busy home life or a heavy workload to contend to because these flowers are meant to encourage restfulness and act as an ideal stress reliever.

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