Bad or Negative Effects of Gadgets on Health

Bad or Negative Effects of Gadgets on Health

Isn't technology an essential part of our daily life? People across the world rely on the gadgets for things like communication, employment, and organization. Every day, we see people tapping away on the laptop, listening to their MP3 / iPod or talking on their mobile phone. While technology is impressive and helpful, there are certain drawbacks and negatives in the areas like public safety, education, and health, which should be addressed too. Being aware of these hazards can help reverse or diminish these negative effects of gadgets we use.

Types of Gadgets People Love to Own

The first of the various gadgets that come to mind are a camera, laptop, and mobile phones. There are a lot more gadgets that have been introduced in the 21st-century. These are causing several health problems. These health issues, because of the continuous use of gadgets, have spoiled the lives of young children too. The habit of the gadget’s use has become so important that people can’t stay without them even for a minute.

Some of the negative effects of use of gadgets are-

Aggression - Children become violent and aggressive when it comes to gadgets. This is really a very bad effect of using gadgets.

Sleep Disorders – It is one of the main reasons why kids shouldn’t be given any gadget or device until they reach a certain age. The issue of sleeping disorders is caused due to the constant use of gadgets.

Obesity - You become a couch potato once you’ve a gadget in hand. Fiddling with your gadget or playing a game makes you hungry. And, unknowingly you begin to binge on the food without moving an inch from your couch, thus adding to the kilos of weight.

Dry Eyes - Do you have a constant itch in your eyes? If you do, then it’s due to the strain you put on your eyes using gadgets for longer hours. The constant strain and pressure lead to a dry eye that in turn leads to several eye infections.

Hearing Problems – According to experts, it is believed that 85 decibels could turn the microscopic hairs of the inner ears into the scar tissues if done habitually. It is one of the major ways how the gadgets affect your health.

Cancer - Ionizing radiation is major cancer causing agent. This harmful radiation leads to cancer like thyroid, breast, stomach, leukemia, and skin cancer.

Leads to Infidelity - Using a mobile phone for more than 15 hours in the day can lessen the production of the sperms cells in a man. This can lead them towards impotence. It is one of the biggest negative effects of using gadgets.

Stress - Stress is developed with the gadgets you use for communication. The wait for an important skype chat or a phone call for an interview causes that extra tension in your mind, therefore leading to stress that in turn affects your mental and physical health.

Back Pain - One of the harmful effects of using gadgets on your health is multiple back pains and fatigues. As you’re constantly engaged on your gadget in a sitting up posture, it slowly and badly affects your back.

Tennis Elbow - The continuous use of a gadget could make your elbow become sore that is called Tennis Elbow in medical terms. It usually happens when there is no appropriate circulation of blood in the region.

Lose Track of Your Surrounding - The worst negative or bad effect of gadgets is that people tend to lose track of their surroundings since they are intoxicated with the technology.

Risk During Pregnancy - One of the bad effects of gadget’s use on the health is during pregnancy. The radiation that causes by the gadget slows down brain development rate of the foetus and can even lead to hyperactivity.

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