Be mindful And reduce weight

Be mindful And reduce weight

Reducing weight is the only thing people can think of night and day. The sedentary lifestyle has stuck us in a really bad and challenging situation. Every now and then the challenges and attractions in the form of fast food intake make us mull over for hours. At the end of the day, we are tired and demotivated to the extent that hitting the gymnasium becomes entirely impossible. The need is to step out of the humdrum. This can be done if you are careful with your thought process. Our activity is not same for the seven days it keeps on changing. Sometimes, we are required to travel, entertain guests, do daily chores etc. There can be ‘n’ number of engagements which might keep you away from following the daily activity regime.

Watch yourself

You might think that this statement contradicts with what you have been told to do while following a diet plan and trying to reduce weight. It is often advised that you must not analyse yourself very frequently in order to avoid depression. But if you keep a watch on your body you might notice any unusual growth or adverse effects if any and it would be easier for you to take notice of them, therefore, act accordingly. A slight deviation from the diet plan can bring you back to the track if you keep a quality check on yourself. Physical fitness is the most important ingredient of turning a journey into a success story. So, if you are healthy physically, free from any known or unknown illness, it is more likely and favourable for you to continue your fitness regime. On the contrary, if you do not feel fit from inside it is quite probable that you might not want to continue the same regimen tomorrow.

Make dumbbells your best buddies

It is not always possible to devote one long hour of jogging, some quintessential reservations require our all attention, how to manage weight in such situations? It is best to make friends with dumbbells and do the lunges whenever and wherever possible. If you have only five minutes to spare that would work too for the time being. The extra cup of coffee you just had to keep up your spirits can be managed well with the help of the dumbbells and lunges.

Frog Squat

The way these amphibians squat is a very healthy advice to humans who are currently seeking to reduce weight. Squatting is easy as it does not require any equipment, though to start with this exercise you may find it very tiresome. Squats strengthen your calf muscles, inner thigh muscles and butt muscles. Its vigorous calorie burn helps reduce stubborn abdominal fat if practised for long durations over a period of time. This can be done in the washrooms, living rooms whenever you have time. It does not involve jumping or leg movement hence it can be practised without shoes. Start by doing five at once and gradually increase the number of squats, this will definitely show improvement if practised regularly over a period of time.

All-time favourite: jumping jacks

Whether it is raining or there is dense fog which is pulling you from stepping outside, put on your favourite sports shoes and start doing jumping jacks in your bedroom or living room. You may easily enjoy the outside scenario and at the same time burn a good number of calories. If you have two-metre square space, you are all set to do the jumping jacks and stay far away from the weight gain guilt.

Bunny hops with dumbbells

Let us make those bunny hops a little more interesting. Introducing weights while doing bunny hops sideways is a great way to make fat cry. It helps you do the strength training and cardio at the same time. Bunny hop is a complete weight loss package. Bunny hops include- squats, weight training, jumping jacks, this means it is an alternate composition of cardio and strength training. Interval strength training is always effective and shows drastic weight loss results.

Stop the blame game

We are often motivated to blame ourselves if we are unable to stick to the plan. This blame game does no good and harms us mentally and thus physically to the core. It is wise if we can curb the habit of side walking the habit of mental math and focus on what can be done now to improve things further. It will always be the case that we will be chasing one thing or another, the idea is to enjoy the journey and celebrate the achievements big or small. Else at the end there would be nothing to cherish, life in itself is a journey and weight loss is a part of this entire journey. The crux of the matter is we must not be obsessed with a singleton thought and keep improving and cherishing whatsoever comes.

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