Kou Tea

4.0 out of 5
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For shedding extra body weight, KouTea is the right solution for you. Discover the powerful and effective weight loss.

KouTea will help you to reduce fat from your body successfully. There is no need to change your way of nutrition drastically or even way of life. Just 2 cups of KouTea a day will work for you. It helps-

  • To burn calories
  • To reduce bad cholesterol
  • To alleviate production of insulin,
  • Boost up metabolism and energy levels
  • Make stronger immune system

KouTea is a kind of slimming tea made from natural ingredients obtained from the well-known Camellia Sinensis plant. It features a blend of 4 different types of teas, namely:

  • Pu-erh tea
  • White Tea
  • Green tea
  • Oolong tea

It contains powerful polyphenol antioxidants and it makes KouTea an amazing product to help protect the heart against the diseases and give your body the support it requires to work optimally throughout every stage of life.

How Does PhenQ Work?

Kou Tea helps to burn calories, reduces bad cholesterol, aids in digestion, helps in weight loss, detoxes the body, reduces stress, helps to fight illnesses and helps sleep better by helping to boost the immune system. KouTea also works to aid increase blood circulation.


The ingredients of KouTea are hand-harvested specifically from well-known plant Specia – Camellia Sinensis. Although all the ingredients are from one plant, every compound is processed differently for producing a variety of oxidation levels that then contributes to weight loss and different health benefits. Other major ingredients are Pu-erh tea, White tea, Green tea, and Oolong tea.


KouTea is easy and safe to use, unlike some other weight loss products available on the market. Drink this tea twice a day for better result. It is recommended to drink a cup before breakfast.

Side Effects

No notable side effects associated with KouTea but it does contain small levels of caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should be careful. Keep this in mind.


User's Reviews

The herbal fat burner tea

I know it is working because in just ten days I am one hole tighter on my waist belt. I haven't even started back at the gymnasium yet. This green tea has helped me in an incredible way to lose stubborn body fat. KouTea is truly Brilliant, Amazing, Outsta

Adriana Bolt19-Apr,2017
5 / stars

KouTea prevents building of fats

When I heard about KouTea, I was a bit uncertain. I just did not think that a herbal tea could really help me lose fat. But, when my friend had bought a box and I had seen some good results, I figured I would give it a try. I have to say I am pretty shock

Dwayne O'neil14-Apr,2017
5 / stars

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